Odeta symbolises serenity, embracing environmentally conscious principles

The collection embodies repose of the sea with its turquoise crystals while also committing to eco-friendly practices
A piece from the collection
A piece from the collection

Being at the forefront of sustainable luxury, Aulerth has just rolled out Odeta, its latest jewellery collection, in league with Ekaya Banaras. Odeta, a name that conjures images of the serene and beautiful blue sea, is the essence of this collection, showcasing stunning turquoise crystals that capture aquatic life’s calming magnetism.

Palak Shah, creative powerhouse behind Ekaya, tells us that teaming up with Aulerth made the collection complete as it was an ‘organic process.’ Regarding the details of the same, she further adds, “The turquoise-hued crystals in this collection lend a pop of colour to the jewels that elevate the charm of the pieces, instantly. Also, each jewel is easy to style and practical enough to be worn throughout the day.”

It is no news that sustainable luxury is all about bringing together the best of both worlds — the glamour and high quality of luxury items with a strong commitment to protecting our environment and treating people fairly. Indeed, it is a fresh and exciting movement in the luxury industry, as more and more people are waking up to how our choices can impact the planet and those around us.

What we’re seeing is a shift in attitude, where owning something exclusive and top-notch doesn’t just mean looking good, it also means doing good. The pristine approach is changing the game in luxury, showing us that it’s possible to yield to the finer things while still caring for our world and its inhabitants.

Odeta features beautiful necklaces, sophisticated earrings, and enchanting rings, all crafted to accentuate the unique style of the wearer. Every item, whether it’s a pendant embellished with aquamarine or a cocktail ring inspired by baroque design, displays the detailed artwork that both Aulerth and Ekaya are known for. Artificial jewellery has also become the preferred choice for destination weddings due to its versatility, affordability, and ease of transport.

The teamwork specifically caters to brides in these settings by offering unusual, sustainable designs that are practical for travel. “Semi-precious, sustainably-made jewellery has maintained its reputation of being a more versatile choice in terms of design and usage flexibility. Odeta bridges the gap between couture-inspired jewellery and traditional craftsmanship, through its material choices that are environmentally more conscious without compromising on any design integrity. Aulerth chooses its stones ensuring they carry a minimal to zero mining footprint and ecological damage,” Palak shares.

The price starts at `5,000. Available online.
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