Bride & Groom collection epitomises elaborate handcrafted work and subtle pastel shades

The brand introduced its inaugural men’s couture line, specifically designed to complement the bridal collection
Collection: Bride & Groom
Collection: Bride & Groom

The realm of bridal wear is abuzz with discussions, as women aspire for ensembles that seamlessly blend tradition with a subtle touch of modernity. However, amidst the plethora of choices available for brides, couples often find themselves perplexed by the limited options for men. Trying to bridge this gap, fashion label Matsya by Utkarsh Ahuja, has introduced a new wedding edit — Bride & Groom. The brand introduced its inaugural men’s couture line, specifically designed to complement the bridal collection.

Utkarsh tells us, “The inspiration stemmed from numerous instances where grooms found a disconnect between their attire and that of their brides, who had already chosen their ensembles. Motivated by the desire for synchronised aesthetics, the brand conceived a capsule collection ensuring harmony between lehengas and sherwanis, even extending to the coordinated safa worn on the head.”

Pieces from the collection
Pieces from the collection

The Bride & Groom collection predominantly features intricate lehengas and sherwanis, offering couples a harmonious coordination. Beyond traditional pieces, Utkarsh introduced a modern twist with contemporary ensembles — jumpsuits and signature tissue saris.

Despite the elaborate and intricately embroidered nature of the outfits, the designer has successfully infused a modern flair through a thoughtful selection of colours. Sharing the details, Utkarsh expresses, “In this edit, we have explored using more handwoven tissue as a base, for the first time, due to its ability to accommodate multiple layers of embroidery. Specifically, we have incorporated tarnished silver tissue, traditionally used for saris, into heavier variants for lehengas.”

The collection incorporates new colours, such as British Charcoal for cocktails, and features a delicate blush pink, inspired by the soft hues of Japanese Pink cherry blossoms. Additionally, a warm and soft touch is brought to the palette with the inclusion of tarnished peach. “All the work is personally carried out by our local artisans in our dedicated karkhanas, where each piece is brought to life. This intricate process involves multiple karkhanas, with one focusing on embroidery, another on gota, and a third on zardozi and likewise. We also incorporate post-stitching work, adding details like swarovski or mini mirrors, reflecting our dedication to craftsmanship and quality,” adds Utkarsh.

According to the designer, when it comes to luxury weddings, the brand takes the aesthetics seriously, ensuring a royal palette that aligns with modern-day luxury. Mentioning an example, Utkarsh says, “Yes, our lehengas hold a sacred allure, but what sets them apart is the addition of a veil — a unique touch that transforms the entire visual. The veil adds grandeur, enveloping the ensemble in a vibrant aura, and creating a circle of allure. It’s akin to a halo surrounding the bride when she wears that distinctive veil.” The collection captures the essence of old-world opulence in a contemporary visual, catering to the minimalistic preferences of the new generation.

Rs 17,500 onwards. Available online.

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