Celebrity fashion consultant Prasad Bidapa talks about why it is important to stay stylish during the lockdown period

Prasad will host a live session titled Explore Fashion and Lifestyle! on Phoenix MarketCity Bangalore's official Instagram page on Saturday

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Prasad Bidapa

Prasad Bidapa

The lockdown might have dampened our shopping plans, but who says you have to take a break from staying fashionable? Celebrity fashion consultant and the man who has launched well-known models in the Indian fashion industry, Prasad Bidapa will tell you how and why it is important to keep up your statement.

Prasad will host a live session titled Explore Fashion and Lifestyle! on Phoenix MarketCity Bangalore's official Instagram page on Saturday. He will discuss how one can stick to their fashion goals and keep it stylish during the lockdown period. Talking about what to expect, he says,"We are sort of looking at fashion in the time of Coronavirus and figuring out how relevant is fashion at this point in time. I think it's pretty relevant and will always be relevant."

The celebrity stylist says being fashionable isn't just about dressing up for particular ocassions, he explains the importance of following a routine. "If don't want to dress up at home now, and then one day, when everything is over, and you finally dress up, you will probably realise that none of your clothes fit. You got to remain fit and you got to have some kind of routine, and that's why it's important to dress up during the day. Maybe not in business clothes, but with something that's not just a pair of black pants and an old T-shirt," he says.

In addition to discussing tips on how one can stay stylish indoors, Prasad will also discuss the importance of sustainable fashion and de-cluttering your wardrobe. "Now is the time when you can sort out clothes you wear and do not wear. Take out all that is too old to be used or you don't want to wear it again. You put all the clothes that you won't be wearing on hangers and just photograph the entire stack and offer it to friends and tell them to do the same thing. Do it so you can pick up stuff from other people that you might be able to wear a couple of times, just swap clothes. I've been upcycling my wardrobe too," reveals Prasad. In addition to this, he will also share tips on how to shop smart. "You need to shop very responsibly. Don't just buy cheap chic anymore, buy stuff that will last you for literally a lifetime."


Prasad Bidapa

Although virtual sessions on social media have kept him busy, Prasad admits he is enjoying this break and is making most of the time with his family. But this doesn't mean his routine has changed. "I wake up at my usual time by about 7.30 am, and then I spend half an hour going through my water therapy. Then I do some stretches in my garden. I usually read in the morning. I am currently reading a book on Sri Lanka called Elephant Complex. After lunch, I usually relax. In the evening I step out in the garden again, and play some games with my 12 dogs. We are back inside just before sunset and then we spend some time together (as a family) just chatting and maybe we have a snack together. We usually don't have a big dinner, we eat a bowl of porridge or some pie. Then it's Netflix time," he offers.

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