Suhani Parekh, whose jewellery is worn Rihanna, Beyonce, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra, is displaying her new collection at Araku

Founder of international jewellery brand Misho, Suhani Parekh’s latest visit to India from London has been very busy with the launch of her brand new collection

Founder of international jewellery brand Misho, Suhani Parekh’s latest visit to India from London has been very busy with the launch of her brand new collection. But the hustler believes that being ‘busy is always good’. Her designs, which have been worn by international icons like Zendya, Dua Lipa, and Courteney Cox, to name a few, have always been a conversation starter. 

Done in collaboration with Araku Coffee, Parekh considers the Misho x Araku Coffee to be a tribute to the tribal women of coffee estates who get the beans ready for brewing. “What I found interesting about these women’s jewellery was that it was unlike the usual tribal Indian jewellery which is quite chunky. The women at the plantation wear minimal jewellery. And I loved that,” recalls Parekh on her first visit to the Araku’s plantation in Andhra Pradesh.

Parekh (28), who has been a game-changer in her field by introducing minimalist-yet-architectural designs in everyday jewellery, never planned to become a designer in the first place. She was studying sculpture at her University in London and started experimenting with silver when she decided to take the plunge. She always considered jewellery as wearable sculpture. 

“I didn’t train to be a jewellery designer. In that sense, I feel like my approach to a piece is totally different. The first few pieces I made for myself had a bold and unconventional vibe. Everytime I wore something new, people would ask if I could make them the same. That is how it started, after which it grew quite organically,” explains Parekh, adding that she prefers unconventional designs over symmetrical ones. The young artist considers herself lucky to have quite a few pieces that have been ‘blockbusters’ in different times.

“For example, during the pandemic, we launched pebble-pod earrings which can hold airpods. And that went viral. We have mismatched or textured hoops that have been worn by iconic women like Rihanna, Hilary Duff and Beyonce,” says Parekh. While trying her best to contain her excitement, Parekh admits that it’s a huge validation when celebrities pick her designs. “These are the kinds of people who have access to any sort of jewellery but have still picked mine. So, that feels great,” says Parekh, who tied a knot with her longtime-boyfriend in London, during the pandemic.

Even in B-town, her designs are worn by A-listers like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, and Kareena Kapoor, to name a few. She hopes her latest designs too will hit the right note with fashion enthusiasts since it is coming from a place of paying homage to a group of women at Araku Valley. 

(The designs will available at Araku Coffee in Indiranagar from May 1)

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