Joita Sen of Senco Gold and Diamonds is creating a difference with innovative ideas

Since her joining the business, Joita has silently worked towards bringing in a lot of newness both in terms of products and organization.
Joita Sen
Joita Sen

When she joined jewellery business post her marriage to Senco Gold and Diamonds household, Joita Sen had no idea of how the world of bijoux operates. “When I joined our family business in 2009 after my marriage, I came from a very different line of work. My father is into construction and FMCG business and I grew up learning about real estate and FMCG products. As women, we all love jewelllery but there is a beautiful combination of art and science and a lot of technicalities to it. I had to learn it all and it was very exciting and challenging for me,” tells Joita Sen, director and head of marketing and design of the precious jewellery label, who thrives on challenges and new ideas.

Since her joining the business, Joita has silently worked towards bringing in a lot of newness both in terms of products and organization and we talk to the soft-spoken Joita about the same and more.

You brought in a lot of changes in Senco Gold and Diamonds...

I always love taking up challenges because they are fun and I learn a lot from them. Besides introducing new products we have always tried to offer solutions to requirements women have from time to time. We were the first fine jewellery brand to start Gossip, a line of silver and lifestyle jewellery and it was a huge hit among young girls accompanying their mothers for jewellery shopping. We also introduced Everlite, an everyday wear trendy fashionable jewellery label and the latest addition to Senco is D'Signia, a premium and exclusive jewellery line for my customers.

I also believe that a workplace needs to be happy and under my leadership, we became a powerful women-based organisation that also offers equal opportunities to all genders including the LGBTQIA community.

The lessons you learned as a jewellery entrepreneur?

I learned that jewellery is not just a commodity or an item. Our showroom is like a temple a repository of so many emotions. We are a part of our customers’ memories and special occasions.

In a city swelling with couture precious jewellery labels, what does it take to stand out in the crowd?

Jewellery is about being comfortable and trusting the brand you buy from. The fact that we are the second-most trusted brand awarded by TRA is one of the most deciding factors besides transparency, honesty and service to customers.

What does it take to be a successful jewellery designer and entrepreneur?

Understanding my fellow women and what they need and want and connecting with them. I believe that nothing is possible without dedication and consistency. I like doing things differently and discipline keeps me centred.

Any obstacles you faced as a woman entrepreneur?

Though jewellery is essentially for women, in our industry it’s run by men. But I am very fortunate to belong to a progressive and supportive family and when I put forth the idea to make it a women-driven organisation I was supported wholeheartedly.

But I feel women need to support women more at work. In my initial days I too at times faced the same.

Your future plans?

I want to continue bringing out great designs and innovate and introduce a new bouquet of ideas and products from time to time.

What and who inspires you?

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and challenging myself with new things inspire me.

I come from a family of very strong women who in their times did things very differently. My great grandmother besides other women in my family including my mom-in-law and mom inspire me hugely. So do my father and father-in-law, both self-made men who forged ahead in life despite challenges.

Your message for other aspiring women entrepreneurs?

When you want to do something, go right ahead and do it. The opportunity is there and you have to look for it. No one is going to give it to you on a platter, you just have to grab it and prove your worth.

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