Check out Ratika Kaul Haksar's nature-inspired jewellery

Jewellery designer Ratika Kaul Haksar launches her stunning new collection of gold and silver jewellery, Botanika, this weekend

author_img Shibi Kumaramangalam Published :  22nd September 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  22nd September 2017 06:00 AM

I wake up every morning to the sound of the sea, to buzzing bees and dragonflies, gorgeous butterflies in every imaginable colour…” says jewellery designer Ratika Kaul Haksar, 43. “I know it’s hard to imagine a scene like that in the heart of a busy city, but we made it happen!” she adds with a smile. Such everyday beauty inspired Ratika’s luminous designs and her new collection of jewellery, Botanika. Ratika, no stranger to sartorialists in Chennai, is renowned for her intricate perspectives and fine craftsmanship. 

Designer by choice
The English (Honours) graduate from Sophia’s (Ajmer) tells us of her creative journey, which led to the inception of her eponymous brand, launched in 2004. “Originally from Kashmir, the former advertising exec and army brat moved to Chennai after marriage in 1997, and started working as a stylist on fashion shoots for her husband, ace photographer Sharad Haksar. With a gift for detail and an eye for colour, Ratika soon started to design jewellery on request. “That’s how I started,” reminisces the one-woman-show. “I am so particular about my work, I take care of every aspect of it — from design, overseeing production to marketing, so I only work on one collection in a year.” In the past, Ratika has incorporated inspiration from her extensive travels (for the Istanbul collection) and from geometry (Symetrika in 2016) into her work. The jewellery maven is a connoisseur of the finer details in life, and this is evident inher work. 

In full bloom
Botanika is a limited edition collection of earrings, cuffs, pendants and rings. Ratika, who has worked extensively with silver, shifts to gold with this new collection. “You’ll see flowers, leaves, vines, bees, honeycombs, birds... I’ve used both precious and semi-precious stones like purple amethyst which I love, subtle rose quartz, yellow citrine... I’ve even used some beautiful flat stones, which I found on a beach in Iceland and framed them in silver! I’m delighted with how my gold pieces have turned out — classy and versatile.” And where is this secret garden of inspiration, I prod... Ratika laughs saying, “Chennai is such an easy-going and safe city to be in. And the people are warm. But like any city, it is crowded and noisy, so a few years ago, Sharad and I made the conscious decision to move out of the city. We now live 30 km away — a stone’s throw from the beach and all this beautiful nature... so I have inspiration all around!” 
From September 25. Prices: `7,500 onwards.To order: Details: