Skincare experts weigh in on the benefits of crystal rollers, as we take a look at some options to try out

Cyrstals such as blue opal, jade, rose quartz and amethyst are believed to have healing effects
A jade roller by Ras Luxury Oils
A jade roller by Ras Luxury Oils

Sometime last month, Ras Luxury Oils launched a set of crystal facial rollers bringing back into focus the discussion around them and if they actually make a difference. With celebrities like Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian and Alicia Keys having endorsed it in the past, surely, there must be some truth in its healing effects. Right? “I would stick to science since that’s what I’m trained in. There is no scientific evidence to support the claims of crystal rollers. But it’s the new international trend and everyone is talking about them. Cosmetologists and therapists swear they have benefits such as improving microcirculation, boosting collagen and helping with lymphatic drainage,” says Bengaluru-based dermatologist Anil Abraham. Cosmetic dermatologist Chytra V Anand, of Kosmoderma, agrees. “These are like facials to be done at home and have no translation to deeper skin layers other than a massage effect,” she says. 

Some of the changes that patrons of this beauty ritual claim to see are decreased inflammation, puffiness and wrinkles, and increased tautness of skin. While Anil is not falling all over himself to throw his weight behind this trend, he gives us some tips on the best way to use the rollers. “Ensure that it’s a pure and smooth stone. Storing in the fridge before using it helps to cool the crystal. They can be used with a moisturiser or an AHA serum, depending on the skin type,” he shares.

Ras Luxury Oils’ new range includes a Rose Quartz Facial Roller (which is said to relax facial muscles, improves skin tone and enhances product absorp-tion), Blue Opal Facial Roller (which is connected to the throat chakra and acts as an emotional stabiliser and awakens personal power), Jade Facial Roller (which relaxes and calms the skin) and Clear Quartz Facial Roller (which works to stimulate lymphatic drainage beneath the skin layers). Most rollers come with instructions that recommend you use them daily for five to 10 minutes.   

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