From nudes to metallic and more: Check out the latest nail art trends

From dream catcher to cats and flowers, flaunt them all on your nails
Nail art trends 2019
Nail art trends 2019

Get over the monotonous nail paints and add a dash of drama with nail art. From nudes to metallic and a dash of prints, add glamour to your nails. Check out the latest nail art trends by Mahema Bharadwaj, Co-Founder and MD, The Mani Pedi Spa. 

Flaunt a sunflower on your nails to give off a perfectly summery vibe. Combine this petal style art with the French style white tip manicure to bring elegance. The hand painted sunflowers will look like a mini work of art on your nails.

The combination of metallic and cream can be interesting all-day wear that will make you stand out. While metals are perfect for evenings, creams work well on pastel coloured outfits during the day. Mixing them up will create an ombre effect resulting in flawless nails that can be worn from brunch parties to late dinners.

Go for neutral shades like blush or nude and adorn them with mini pearls or studs on your ring fingernails. You can paint half of your nails nude and apply the varnish on the other half while parting it with a gold metallic line. The possibilities and combinations of nude shades and designs are endless.
Nail art in this season don’t need to be heavy on embellishments hence a single bead on the intersecting point of a geometrical pattern is a popular choice. Pairing this design with a darker shade can make it a perfect trend for the season.

Variants of a French manicure will never go out of style. However, one can go a step ahead and get gold or metal tipped manicure with a nude, pink or a coral base. You just cannot go wrong with these shades.

If you are a cat person or love your pet more than the world then this pattern should be your go-to option. Black and white is a classic combination and just an outline image of a cat can give a very effective look. You can use shimmery pastel pink, yellow, or just a clear paint on an oval-shaped nail, using the design of the cat as the tip of just one nail.

Love dream catchers? Flaunt them on your nails. Nail art ideas with dream catchers are colourful, full of feathers and some tiny cute webbing patterns. You can use the ombré technique as a base and make it brighter with neon and pastels.

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