Home and decor: Tips on choosing the right carpet for your living room

Home and decor: Tips on choosing the right carpet for your living room

Planning to revamp your house? Here are a few tips on selecting the right carpet by Rashi Bajaj, Founder of Carpet Couture. 

1. Size: Be very mindful of the rug you pick up. It should fit in perfectly with your space. Sometimes, the rug turns out to be bigger than the appropriate size and makes your space look cluttered. If it is too small, it will take away the sense of space from the area. Opt for a custom-made size rather than picking readily available sizes. Get the size measurement done or if it is a new house/space then share the Autocad plan with your carpet vendor. They should be able to show you a flood in of your selected rug in your Autocad plan and you can see if it fits perfectly with your furniture. 

2. Colours & Design: Do not aim to take a rug that matches your cushion covers/curtains. This is because you might change your cushion covers frequently but a rug will be there for a long time. Instead, opt for a design and colour that you will always like. See that it complements the floor, wall paint and wood polish.

3. Care & Maintenance: Firstly, do not give your rug/carpet to an inexperienced dry cleaner. Wrong cleaning of the carpet can cause irreversible damage to the carpet. Follow the tips:
a. Fluff: It is normal for new and carpets to shred some yarn. These are excess fibres that got left behind while spinning. Shredding is normal and it will not make your rug look threadbare. Simply vacuum your rug often when it is new. With time this fluff will go away. Do not use a vacuum head with bristles or sharp ends. 
b. Loose Threads: If there are any loose threads, do not pull them. Use scissors to cut them.
c. Spills: Attend to spills immediately. Blot with a white cotton cloth dipped in a liquid detergent.  

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