How Lady Gaga's extreme spider lash at Met Gala 2019 is becoming a trend

Lady Gaga brings back the extreme spider lash trend from the Met Gala. The 33-year-old singer's makeup artist gives an insight about the now trending makeup look. 

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Lady Gaga at Met Gala 2019

Lady Gaga at Met Gala 2019

Out of 57 celebrities who attended Met Gala, Lady Gaga astonished us all with her valorous Brandon Maxwell pink dress, daring candy pink makeup, and ravishing platinum blonde lob hairstyle. On May 06, 2019 in New York City, Met Gala Celebrated Camp: Notes on Fashion at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

In the Red Carpet of Met Gala, Gaga changed into four different outfits that she stripped off one by one. Apart from her venturesome garments, it is her lashes that blew us all. The 33-year-old singer wore long, thick and spikey gold eyelashes. The singer’s bedazzling lashes are on the talk for bringing back the infamous spider lashes trend.

 In addition to her thick wispy false lashes, she added long gold foil to make it more Met Gala appropriate. To complete the eye makeup look, Gaga wore sparkling gold falsies to her bottom lashes and glued three bright crystals under the eyes.

Sarah Tanno, Gaga’s Met Gala makeup artist said, "For was really challenging to create that look," at a Marc Jacobs Beauty event in New York.

"You have to find the balance between exaggeration and beautiful—and with the theme, we wanted to keep it fashion but not in a cheesy kind of a way."

She also said, “The actual makeup took about an hour and a half to do. You really have to do your homework. I read all the 'Notes on Camp' before I even started creating looks."

She then reveals that there were actually three pairs of base lashes under the gold foil, and it took three days of trial runs to make sure they wouldn't droop or fall off during Gaga's entrance.

According to Vogue, the makeup artist was inspired by her favorite fashion book: Backstage Dior by photographer Roxanne Lowit.

American Fashion Model Gigi Hadid joined Lady Gaga by wearing snow-white lashes which matched her frosty Michael Kors catsuit.

 In the Valentino’s floral themed spring 2019 couture collection, Makeup Artist Pat Mcgrath added delicate feathers as false eyelashes to the models. Other Celebrities like Lilly Collins, Billy Porter, Darren Criss, Lucy Boynton, Priyanka Chopra, Bette Midler rocked the Extreme Lash look ever so naturally.

We asked Hasna Farzana, 25-year-old Chennai-based celebrity makeup artist to give us an insight into the ongoing trend, and she highlighted its uniqueness. “The Met Gala fashion week in 2019 proved to be the trendiest starting from the feather spiked lashes, gold plated lids and the colored mascaras. The statement lashes that Gaga wore was the showstopper. The gold metallic Lash that extended above her brows made the look the wildest and the trendiest in the red carpet. Gigi's look is what I completely loved which her makeup artist said he created it using feathers placing it one at a time, it's totally a masterpiece of art. Speaking about Priyanka's look the upper lash line looked extremely appealing with glittery top lashes and made the look pop up more. The Lash game being bold and prominent when it came to the eyes, Lashes played the major moment as a whole.”

She also added, "Makeup is an industry where new styles are constantly evolving, clients also expect us to update over the new trends and so staying modernized and so renovated about current trends helps you stay the best and unique of the crowd. It is always interesting to explore the new side of the artistry and as an artist it makes you feel refreshed and everyone must try mastering the new techniques rather sticking to the old and be aware of the updates as soon as you can and also encourage your clients to go for something new.”

“Lashes and Brows are going be the hottest beauty trend in 2019. Big, bold and colored lashes from the gala trends are going to be big in 2019”, she ended.