What’s in a bag? Now, a lot more than you need for that perfect getaway! 

In the age of a hustling life full with breathless sprinting, travelling serves to be one of life’s great pleasures, whether you’re alone or in good company. 

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Victorinox travel gear

Victorinox travel gear

In the age of a hustling life full with breathless sprinting, travelling serves to be one of life’s great pleasures, whether you’re alone or in good company. 

But what does it mean to travel and travel well? Avoid hassle, pack smart and efficient, and bring only the necessities. 

Travelling well is about finding joy and inspiration in stepping out of your comfort zone and having experiences that help you evolve as an individual. 

In the process, sometimes you find your soul, sometimes you discover your bag is your truest companion.

Whether you hit on a leisure voyage, an adventurous camp or hike, one thing always remains constant – your requisite travel mate, your bag. 

For the most important part, every traveller needs a good quality bag or backpack that withstands all hail and storm. 

The market is massive and has a plethora of options to choose from but you can narrow down your choices based on the nature of trips you will be taking and the features you fancy the most. 

For starters, pick your backpacks, rucksacks based on its size or volume, as well as comfort, durability and optimum utility. Some features are essential for certain trips and add ease to the entire journey. 

The primary characteristic one must focus on is strong fabrics and threads followed by features like all-weather shielding that would ensure the weather doesn’t put a damper on your travel experience. 

The next vital factor is the weight of the bag. Most backpacks come fitted with an internal frame for back support that adds to the weight. 

However, there are backpacks that come with removable frames or no frames at all making the bag extremely lightweight. 

For supreme security and comfort, your bag must feature padded pockets, air-flow channels and smooth wheeling systems. 

Travellers can rely on these high-quality, durable and versatile backpacks to carry or wheel their gear. 

Some backpacks also feature a system of gear loops and cords for easy attachment of climbing ropes and outdoor gear. These are discernibly useful during adventurous escapades.

Above all, padded hip belts and shoulders belts must not be dismissed. 

These make carrying your load more comfortable, as the weight of your sack will also be pushing downwards on your shoulders. 

The pads will put less pressure on your shoulders and also help reduce pressure on your lower back.


Debraj Sengupta


The ever-evolving bag market is now experimenting with form and function as opposed to old-fashioned bags and cases. 

Luxury luggage, sports and adventure luggage, corporate luggage, the list of variants is infinite and the features brands equip these bags with are endless. 

Sports bags are deemed to foresee strong advancement in the market, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 17.0% in the next five years. 

Rising outflow towards adventure outings, sports and fitness management among adults on a global level has promoted the utility of travel sports bags to accommodate every feature that would enhance an exploratory travel experience and make it a remarkable one.

When our team at Victorinox, curated the concept of a travel store 'Gute Reise' (German for Happy journey) we wanted to help frequent travellers choose the best from an array of International Travel Gear brands, Victorinox, Wenger and Swiss Gear. 

These brands can be labelled as the makers of one of the world’s finest travel products, capable to equip one with style, comfort and quality par excellence.  

This article was authored by Debraj Sengupta, CMO (Brand Custodian), Product head (India, Sri Lanka) - Watch, Victorinox India Pvt Ltd.