Diwali special: Take cues from these four stunning looks exclusively shot with supermodel Diti Saha

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Diti Saha in a sari from Label Earth by Priti Shekhar

With pandemic restraining festivities, Diwali this time will certainly be limited to intimate celebrations at home with friends and family. But that doesn’t rule out the choice of putting your best foot forward. In fact, most of us will be dressed in our best and brightest to get over the long spell of gloom entailed by the coronavirus. Hence this festive season, mood boards by almost all fashion designers will be having splashes of warm and bright celebratory tones. But what most city designers are underscoring while talking about festive fashion is the versatility of the garment.

A Rani Pink clean-cut silk bandhni kurti with a fuschia bandhani dupatta in silk by couturier Naina Jain

With more thrust on sustainability and recycling, the fashion-conscious will be looking out for pieces that can be worn in multiple ways for more than one occasion. “Traditional, light-weight, timeless yet versatile pieces are the flavours this Diwali. Since this festival is about all things bright and sparkly, we have used a lot of vibrant reds, vivid pinks, dazzling greens and sunshine yellows for our outfits that have simple silhouettes and comfortable cuts,” tells couturier Naina Jain, who specialises in exquisite bandhani works.

A Rani Pink clean-cut silk bandhni kurti with a fuschia bandhani dupatta in silk by couturier Naina Jain

“You can reuse your mom or your granny’s bridal lehenga or sari and repurpose the blouse with a new, contemporary skirt or vice versa. Styling vintage pieces in modern ways is in this season. Pair the lehenga with an exquisite dupatta or a contemporary blouse, and give it an altogether new look,” advises Naina, who’s offering bandhani on organza saris with gota patti work.

A dreamy peach sequinned lehenga by Citrine

Citrine and The Atrium too have come up with stunning ethnic, Western and fusion wear for this Diwali. They have an array of the much-trending bandhani and mirror work outfits, drape saris, light lehengas and jewel-toned shararas for the winter festive-wedding season.

But if you are game to make a quiet statement, then you can also opt for quirky prints or mix and match clashing outfits. “ The psychedelic trend of embracing quirky prints never fails to make a vibrant statement. It’s one of the best ways to go OTT. Layers and blends of texture and integrating different garments is yet another popular trend this season, feels designer Arjun Agarwal.

A dreamy peach sequinned lehenga by Citrine

“Silk, Madras silk and satin will be in. Classics are the best investment and since trans-seasonal wardrobe is the new drift, neutrals and timeless colours should be held on to for prolonged usage,” reflects Arjun, who’s offering an array of versatile outfits in quirky prints and relaxed, comfortable silhouettes.

For men too, sartorial trends won’t be much different with colours and simple cuts ruling the scene. Renowned menswear designer Surbhi Pansari has incorporated an agglomeration of the classic Jawahar jacket and kurtas for men.

An intricate, handwoven mustard yellow Benarasi weave sari by Tatwamm

“To enhance the look, one can opt for fully embroidered Jawahar jackets over solid colours like azure blue, sunflower yellow, cherry blossom, marmalade and almond. We have used a lot with silk fabrics including linen silk, muga silk, Benarasi silk and matka silk to enhance the look,” suggests Surbhi, who has come up with a special festive collection comprising solid coloured kurtas, printed and embroidered Jawahar jackets.

An intricate, handwoven mustard yellow Benarasi weave sari by Tatwamm

Style check

Check out supermodel Diti Saha’s style picks for this Diwali

What will be your sartorial choices this Diwali?

This is a festival of lights and the only occasion where I go for extravagant fashion. I am a very basic and pastel person. This is the only time when I play with a lot of bright and bold colours and add that bling to my wardrobe. So this year it will be some flowy fabrics such as chiffon or georgette in playful colours or a bling sari in gold or metallic colours to ensure I have a sassy and a playful look.

A gorgeous drape sari in nude brown shade by Citrine

Tell us about your fitness regimen?

People might think that a slender figure is a result of good genes, but besides that factor, a lot of discipline and hard work go behind that slender frame and that includes what you eat and how frequently you move your body. Since I have an erratic work schedule I set aside half-an-hour every day to either walk, run, do yoga or meditate alongside working around my core.

A red and gold sari and blouse from Label Earth by Priti Shekhar 

What are your skin and hair care regimens?

I have sensitive skin and I have a condition called rosacea that causes redness of facial skin, so, I always apply a good sunscreen on my skin. I wash my face with a good cleanser and moisturise it daily. I use organic face masks and exfoliate twice a week. I also apply coconut oil on my body and face. For hair, I love applying masks made of natural ingredients like avocado and eggs.

Beauty essentials you always carry in your bag.

The must-haves include a small makeup pouch containing basic stuff like mascara, lip balm, cream blush, a compact powder, face mists, wet tissues and an eyebrow pencil.

A gorgeous drape sari in nude brown shade by Citrine

Any beauty hack?

If my face looks puffy and tired in the morning, I apply cucumber juice to look fresh instantly.

Your personal make-up style?

I love dewy makeup and do my eyebrows, apply mascara, loads of blush and peach lipstick. With all this, I am good to go.



Model: Diti Saha | Pictures: Siladitya Dutta | Hair and Makeup: Abhijit Paul | Styling: Poulami Gupta | Jewellery: Amrapali Jaipur, Forum Courtyard Mall | Shoes by Rohan Arora | Location courtesy: Raajkutir—Swabhumi​