How to style your pre-owned and vintage clothes for four fresh winter looks 

From double denim to cosy minimals, here is how to stay stylish this season 
Pic: Tanisha Bhattacharjee
Pic: Tanisha Bhattacharjee

This winter instead of going shopping at fancy stores, it's time to dig into the huge pile of rarely worn clothes in your closet and make the best of it. Style your basics by layering them to fit your aesthetic this winter. Here are four looks to choose from: 

The vintage beige - Get your favourite turtleneck, preferably on either extremes of the colour wheel. If you don't have a turtleneck, a white or black shirt will do just fine. We recommend you pair it with brown trousers. If you can't find one in your closet, you can definitely borrow your dad’s, all you have to do is to make sure the fit is loose.

Tuck in your shirt or turtleneck into pants and layer that outfit with a beige blazer or coat or trench, whichever you prefer. If you have a pair of leather gloves in black or brown, put them on for a French touch to the whole outfit. Slide your feet into your favourite pair of tanned boots. If you happen to be someone who collects hats as accessories then put on your black woollen beret to complete this look.

The cosy minimals - It’s time to pull out your most comfortable sweater, hoodie, cardigan, poncho or jumper. Pair it with cycling shorts or yoga pants depending on the weather outside. Either use tones that are closer to each other. Or if you're feeling more experimental, you can make the colours pop, and pair lavender yoga pants with a bright yellow hoodie. Put on a pair of white sneakers or boots to balance out the colours. Or we even recommend comfy Crocs.

When it comes to your hairstyle, tie a top knot or wear a beanie and put on some loud makeup - the advantage of this look is that everything works with it! You can carry a tote bag to hold your essentials to finish this look.

The denim blues - While most of us hate the Monday blues, we sure do love the classic old denim blue. For this look put on your oversized white shirt and pair it with your wide leg denim jeans. Throw the denim jacket over your shoulder. To add a kawaii touch to it, put on a denim bucket hat and black Converse.

If you like quirky prints, put on a pair of fun socks with pineapple or avocado motifs. The quirky factor add a little bit of drama to the whole outfit. Top it up with a messy bun or not so-tidily-brushed hair and you are good to go.

The layer play - As this winter is extra chilly weather, this looks works well. Put on a full sleeve body fitting mesh top and wear your favourite crop over it. You can pair it with bell bottomed pants, skinny fitted pants, a mini A-line skirt,  a mid length A-line skirt, a skater skirt or a mid-length pleated skirt. Put on stockings if you are going for a shorter skirt and pair it with knee-high boots. If you are going for the pants or mid-length skirts, put on some ankle-length boots. And if it's a fancy occasion, you can also pair those boots with a pair of ankle length fishnets. Throw on a long coat/ trench to complete this outfit.

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