Full loose and fancy free

Guess which 2022 trend every fashion person is ditching their jeans for? 
Image for representational Purposes (Photo | Pexels)
Image for representational Purposes (Photo | Pexels)

One look at the spring/summer 2022 runways and you will see there’s a strong theme throughout the collections — pants are getting looser, roomier, comfier. From relaxed-fit trousers that have become our staples to cargos and parachute pants, all signs point to the reign of the baggy pants trend. And with the biggest brands coming out with a variety of loose designs, fully putting the seal of approval on the trend.

Indeed, it’s safe to say that we all slowed down on denim in the past year, turning to softer pants including leggings, sweats, and even knit pants instead. The primary reason for that could be the pandemic. For, if there’s any instance of fashion imitating life, it’s this. With offices shut down and more and more people having to work from home, tight pants or jeans simply had to go. In came comfortable pants that you could wear from morning to night without once feeling the tight pinch. In fact, the baggier the pants, the better they feel.

Why they have become such a hit is the fact that they work well as the perfect option of transitions from loungewear, given the baggy and the free feel matches with the same freeing feeling that comes along with your favourite pair of sweats. Plus, they’re available in a wide variety of silhouettes, which means that whatever the style of baggy pants you choose, this pair will always feel like the perfect showstopper.

There are endless ways of making baggy pants work for you, and you can wear them with everything from long sweaters and denim coats to blazers, baggy tops and sweaters. They are comfortable and stylish, and it seems they are here to stay, and an increasing number of stars have been seen donning the best of baggy jeans and pants in the past few weeks.

As Katya Sharma, a young professional working from home says, “This is by far the best fashion trend to have emerged out of the lockdown. Nothing can be more comfy, and yet super stylish, than a loose pair of pants.” Clearly, for her and others like her, it’s a case of the baggier, the better.

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