Former Miss India Queenie Singh champions the idea of clean beauty with Bride To BiE kit

The product range ushers the concept of beauty with luxury.

Priyamvada Rana Published :  30th December 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  30th December 2022 12:00 AM
Bride To BiE

Bride To BiE kit

The Holiday Season has just begun with our heads wrapping around the most fruitful year end resolutions. And the foremost idea that pops our mind is a complete overhaul — from the closet to skin care regime. Giving us some beauty inspirations, model and former Miss India turned entrepreneur Queenie Singh has come up with a high-end beauty kit Bride To BiE that assures the much needed rejuvenation. It claims to combine doctor expertise and scientific formulations to produce clean beauty products. Telling us about her philosophy behind the concept of beauty, she says, “I have an ultimate passion for beauty. I believe realistic beauty goals are achieved with knowledge, discipline and a change in routine through curated advice from experts along with perfectly formulated products.”

Queenie Singh

The eight products in the kit not only claim to work wonders for the bride but for anyone who wants a radiating face. From hydrating cleansers and face washes that restore skin collagen to masks that tackle hyper pigmentation and under eye gels that reduce dark circles — the kit is touted as a “portal of metamorphosis” by the beauty queen herself. Telling us about the concept behind the kit, Queenie shares, “Every bride deserves to be the belle of her ball on her special day. Our clean, non-toxic and environmentally friendly skincare is a vessel to help her achieve that. We wish that people everywhere are able to undergo not only a skin transformation, but also a holistic outlook towards beauty, appearances, and confidence.”


Queenie has collaborated with celebrity esthetician Dinyar Workingboxwalla to create the kit. Making us aware about the harmful chemicals that one should check before buying beauty products, she avers, “Mineral oils, artificial fragrances, sulphates, parabens, phthalates, alcohol, silicones, aluminium — these are what all skincare lovers and enthusiasts must watch out for.” She further shares beauty tips for healthy and glowing skin. “Firstly, I would advise people on the beauty of eating right. Have varied colours on your plate. Eat plenty of greens and foods rich in antioxidants because what you put inside your body mirrors how it looks outside. Secondly, focus on the beauty of a healthy and full life. Make sure you get ample hydration, exercise as regularly as possible, stress less, and sleep sound. I have an extremely hectic lifestyle but I try to tick these boxes on most days. Lastly, beauty is not limited to how you look. Know your energy and what your aura, opinions, and views bring to the world. Radiate self-confidence and you’ve already won.”

Hearing this, we were eager to know about her secret for flawless skin. And she reveals it is all about double cleansing. “This means using a cleanser followed by a face wash. After that, the Eyefinity All-in-One Under Eye Gel — a plumping serum, and my Superpower Eternal Youth Cream. I sometimes blend these products together and seal it all with Sundaze — my everyday sunblock. At night, I use a soothing and calming saffron based oil — Halo Uplifting and Soothing Face Oil.” Given she’s been a pageant winner, we asked her what she’d like to change in the beauty industry in India. “I would like to champion the concept of clean beauty so people have healthier skin and understand how it can transform with right products.”

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