Here's a list of men who go all out for gender fluid fashion

From celebrities to content creators, gender inclusive dressing is being adapted by many
Gender fluid fashion
Gender fluid fashion

We live in a world where freedom and reality are somewhat blurred under preconceived stereotypes. In a world that judges you for being different and unique, it takes a lot of courage and conviction to be unconventional. Then again, being mysterious has its own charm since there's no charm in being predictable, even more so in the world of fashion. We take a sneak peak at four male celebrities who are breaking all notions with their androgynous wardrobes:

Here's the list


It seems like Ranveer Singh will never go out of fashion statements. From quirky colour prints to being just randomly unpredictable, Ranveer is known as someone who can sport it all. Do you remember his shoot for Gucci Jackie 1961 that changed the entire Indian androgynous fashion game? We can only go gaga over his versatile looks.


 Pushpak is a fashion student from Kolkata currently pursuing Fashion Marketing and Communications . He was the one to kickstart the #sarinotsorry movement, that took the internet by storm. In the pictures that started the above-mentioned movement, Pushpak walked the streets of Milan in a saree and red bindi. He put brave hearts in the minds of people to take the first step to change the perspective.


A digital creator and photographer from Raleigh North Carolina, Anthony has a passion for creating content that collides traditional and modern with the style of the South Asian diaspora. A trained classical dancer, and Anthony credits Kathak as his guide for creating poses and postures through his photographs. He includes beautiful banana sarees, elegant lehengas, embroidered shawls in his look book and pairs it up with shorts, suits and kurtas. He says his style is mostly inspired by the interpretations of Indo- Western trend around the world. The way Anthony gracefully takes his Instagram shots is absolutely eye catching.


Coco Ballucci goes by the name of #rajkumaricoco. Coco is an international make up artist & beauty creator who has worked for famed designers such Gaurav Gupta, Dhruv Kapoor and Tarun Tahiliani. Keeping true to their roots, Coco has always kept on embracing gender fluid fashion. The self confidence emitting from Coco's sense of style, and the way he carries himself in front of the world is extremely inspiring to watch.

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