Inspired by TV shows such as Euphoria and Bridgerton, we pick out jewellery to match the latest trends

Here are some looks to borrow from the trends on screen

author_img Srushti Kulkarni Published :  17th September 2022 04:58 AM   |   Published :   |  17th September 2022 04:58 AM

A scene from Euphoria

TV series and fashion go hand in hand, with every new series, born are new trends and styles inspired by different characters and their on screen personalities. Here is a list of statement peices from the two of the most loved series of the year — Euphoria and Bridgerton. And there’s no denying that the characters from both these shows had their jewellery game on point.

Alex Demi as Maddy in Euphoria

While the star cast of Euphoria (an American teen drama series) is busy collecting Emmys, let’s have a quick look at the bijouteries that this drug-fueled drama has inspired. 

Worth your time
This shiny Petite Lumine Pressed Piano watch from the new Lumine collection by Daniel Wellington is inspired by the popular TV series Euphoria. Displaying a glamorous quadro black mother of pearl dial, the timepiece comes with a new mesh pattern studio strap. The crystal-embellished stainless steel watch runs on a GL22 (Miyota) movement. INR 19,799

Drop dead gorgeous
The M Jewelers has been a crowd pleaser at the East Highland, female characters including Cassey, Kat and others have adorned various pieces from the jeweller’s vivid collection. One of our favourite’s are these stunning Pearl Drop Earrings. Crafted from 18 carat gold-plated brass metal, the size earrings can be ordered from the Alexander x M Jewelers collection. INR 8,500 approximately.

Maddy go round
This gorgeous Trio Hoop is handcrafted using recycled nine carat gold from three individual hoops to create a chunkier style. One can notice Maddy that is Alex Demi coordinating such hoops through season two and two to elevate her outfits. INR 53,731 approximately.

Check out these royal baubles from the regency era while you eagerly wait for the next edition of Lady Whistledown’s column and the third season of Bridgerton (an eight-part series based on Regency romance novels written by Julia Quinn). 

A scene from Bridgerton

Pearl me up
The gold-tone choker by Vivienne Westwood features a single string of glass-based pearls with a crystal-encrusted orb at the centre. Crafted from pure brass, this pearl-drop choker is coated with pearlescent material to simulate natural pearls. The piece of whimsical jewellery has been adorned by not just debutantes but the royalty of the Ton too. INR 24,700 approximately. 

Lavender love
Floral earrings and necklaces have been a symbol of love, honour and friendship and were  extremely favoured by jewellers of the Regency era. Crafted to highlight the lady’s sweet and demure side, this floral necklace from Dolce & Gabbana is designed from yellow twisted gold wire and amethyst floral motifs. The Spring Necklace has been studded with eight colourless round sapphires and a baroque South Sea pearl. INR 12,35,761 approximately.