World Environment Day: Aulerth's 'Let Go' campaign aims to convert old jewellery into a treasurable collection

The participants can give their obsolete jewellery for recycling and avail great rewards

Priyamvada Rana Published :  02nd June 2023 05:14 PM   |   Published :   |  02nd June 2023 05:14 PM

Aulerth Let Go Initiative

Do you have a collection of outdated jewellry in your bijouterie box that no longer aligns with your style? Aulerth presents an extraordinary opportunity for you to make the most of these obsolete accessories with their latest initiative Let Go, set to launch on June 7th.

This endeavor encourages everyone to closely examine their jewelry that has fallen out of favour and take the bold step to let it go into recycling. You can send your old jewels to the brand and they will recycle and repurpose it to create new, exquisite pieces of consciously crafted jewelry. This not only breathes new life into your forgotten treasures but also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint associated with jewellry production.

Aulerth pieces

Moreover, the brand will provide the participant with a 30% discount voucher that can be redeemed on their next Aulerth order. Additionally, on your behalf, they will plant a tree for every package of jewelry it receives, furthering its commitment to sustainability.

Here's a step-by-step guide to participate in the #LetGoWithAulerth campaign:

  • Visit their website or Instagram page to join the campaign.
  • Gather your old jewelry and place them in a small box or pouch.
  • Aulerth will arrange for a pickup of your package.
  • Upon receiving your jewels, two things will happen: a) you will receive a 30% discount voucher via email for your next Aulerth purchase and b) we will extract the materials from your jewelry, repurpose them, and incorporate them into their upcoming collection launch.
Aulerth's jewellery

Aulerth's ultimate goal is to significantly minimise the environmental impact of jewellery production. Their current approach involves creating bijouterie with zero to minimal mining footprint, embracing a circular model that includes an exchange option and a unique Loop feature (wear and return). The Let Go campaign represents yet another affirmative stride towards realising this eco-friendly goal.

Vivek Ramabhadran, Founder, Aulerth, shares, "Let Go—it's time. Aulerth stands for change—a shift away from thoughtless consumption and accumulation. In line with our principles, we are thrilled to announce our upcoming summer initiative—Let Go. Through this campaign, we provide women with the opportunity to release the past and actively participate in shaping a sustainable future. By letting go of the jewelry they no longer wear, we can recycle the materials and incorporate them into our future collections, acknowledging and appreciating their invaluable contribution."

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