Four quick hacks to take your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary

Here is a list of fashion items that can elevate your outfit instantly
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Fashion is an expression of oneself, but how to express well in a rush? The elongated ringing of an unanswered alarm always results in haphazardly put-together pants and tops that barely go well with one another, then what happens to expression on such days? Here are four quick hacks to employ for a slay even on a not-so-good day.

The sacred scarf

A plain outfit is something that doesn't have a visual interest. Think of a plain pair of white kurti and pants or a muted monochromatic set, though these might be considered elegant and minimalistic they can turn out to be boring as well. Pop a flash of interest into your outfit with a contrasting scarf or a multi-coloured shawl. Drape it over your shoulder, tie it around your wrist, wear it around your head give your outfit the tweak it needs.


The best and simplest way to turn a blah outfit into a wow remains in jewellery. A statement earring to a plain churidar makes it ethnic wear and an eye-catching neckpiece to a plain black bodycon dress makes it party wear. The difference a small piece of jewellery can make is tremendous. It need not always be a statement piece either. Rings, watches, chains, earrings, necklaces all kinds of accessories can be used to accentuate your look immediately.

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A third layer

Make winter the new trend! Cold and jittery but still remain glittery with a third layer. A jacket, a vest, a hoodie, a sweater, or a shirt underneath are all options you can opt for to make your outfit more interesting and winter-proof. It can be in a contrasting colour or something that isn’t in coordination with the outfit at all for a head-turner. A button-down shirt or a mesh top can be used to elevate your summer fits.

The bag

It had been an age-old method to put together an outfit with a well-thought-of bag. A bedazzled purse for an event, a sleek small bag for an official meet, a springy large bag for a vacation, the bag can be the hit or miss of your outfit. When accessorised right, a bag can work very well to save your outfit.

Even a small change in your outfit, a small splash of colour, or a small tweak can elevate your fashion day by many folds.

(Written by S Shruthi Darshini)

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