The new blue and black denim edit from Oshin Saran redefines how we look at the style staple

The new edit, DC-01, is crafted using all dead-stock denim that’s been discarded by textile manufacturing mills...
Oshin Saran flanked by ensembles from DC-01
Oshin Saran flanked by ensembles from DC-01

Super popular within contemporary fashion circles across the country, label Oshin Sarin began its journey in September 2022 in Mumbai. Less than two years later, the brand is already being endorsed by the likes of fashion icon Jim Sarbh. Founder and creative director Oshin studied fashion design at Parsons, New York and graduated with a BFA degree. During her time at Parsons, she further honed her skills through internships with milliners and stylists in New York. She also contributed her talents to Delhi-based couture designer Sahil Kochhar.

Following graduation, she immersed herself in the dynamic fashion scene, spending a year with Brooklyn-based clothing label Alix of Bohemia. However, her passion led her back home, where she decided to establish her own brand. Oshin’s diverse experience laid the foundation for her unique and globally influenced approach to fashion. Already in the news for their previous capsule edits Serve 1 and Serve 2, their latest denim collection,  DC-01, is now in the news. We catch up with Oshin to find out more… 

What led to the creation of DC-01?
Our latest denim collection DC-01 is crafted using all dead-stock denim that’s been discarded by textile manufacturing mills. We wanted to craft an everyday-statement denim line in black and blue, by developing clean and sharp, well-tailored silhouettes, that would make well for elevated work formals, a lunch out with friends or even a  springtime holiday. 

Ensembles from <em>DC-01</em>
Ensembles from DC-01
Oshin Saran
Oshin Saran
Ensemble from <em>DC-01</em>
Ensemble from DC-01

Since this is an all-denim line, will it differ from your usual aesthetic?
We’ve played differently with silhouettes for this collection. This time it was a combination of both Indian and European design references, in the form of our embroidery choices, an overall relaxed fit for mostly all of our pieces, versus focusing on the feminine and masculine defining factors in clothing, which was similar to what we did with Serve 1 and Serve 2.

Is there going to be motifs or design elements that will make this edit stand out from the rest? 
We’ve used minimal flower motifs inspired by freehand drawings and running stitch embroidery detailing in organic cotton thread and that will surely make the edit stand out. 

And what denim silhouettes can we look forward to?
Boxy shirts, jackets and relaxed-fit pants coupled with cotton thread embroidery, slits, pleats and ombréed wash detailing. 

INR 4,990 onwards. Available online. 

X: @elromal

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