Weddings: Hyderabadi designer Aaliya Deeba brings regal bridal wear collection Sitaraah 

The edit presents a Nizami era bride with luxurious ensembles
Sitaraah edit
Sitaraah edit

Hyderabad had been the seat of Nizams and their resplendent glory; their culture influenced the sartorial fabric of the city with regal outfits meshed with intricate embroideries. Bringing the same grandeur in bridal wear, citybased designer Aaliya Deeba, known for her extravagant couture label Ideebs-London, has come up with a new edit titled Sitaraah for the new-age bride. The edit shows her design philosophy of creating splendid and luxurious ensembles.

Telling us about the inspiration, she shares, “I love watching sunrises. The reflection of the sun in the water attracted me towards celestial bodies like the stars and the sky. I was fascinated with the life cycle of stars and the light they emit over their life. Sitaraah is my ode to the stars and the dreamy patterns of light they emanate! They transport us to a world of whimsy with different hues. So the name Sitaraah, which literally translates to star, is the perfect fit for my collection.” Further, talking about how she began the design process, she tells us,“I researched on multiple stars and inspired by their rich shades of colours that ranges from bright orange red and grey to white, I commenced designing — using sun signs and flowers as motifs.”

Sitaraah has got traditional handicraft techniques with contemporary silhouettes to bring the magic of timeless bridal wear. “This collection is all about shine and magic. It is crafted with incredible shapes and volumes. I want my bride to harness the shine from cosmos on to their special day and rise in their future,” the designer tells us. The collection has zardosi, pearl work and thread work making it all the more ostentatious. With that, the designer stays true to decadent designs much like her past edit Sheenaz-e-Aroosa that harked on Indian and Persion quintessential glamour.

She tells us how the edit is tailored as per the preferences of new-age brides. “They are fashion conscious and prefer to wear bespoke garments matching their own personal style. They are ready to experiment and have clarity about what they want. They want a traditional touch, but at the same time, the garment must exude a modern look. Our collection goes beyond this and provides the best comfort with western silhouettes.” Earlier, brides loved different colours in general but would settle for shades of red and green. “Now you can see different colours from pink, lavender and purple to grey and white being bought by them. They want to look different and unique on their wedding.” Aaliya is known to capture the pulse of the brides by introducing a melange of new colours like tea rose ivory and blush pink to tangerine. This time, the edit has moon white, mustard yellow, green and hot pink . That depicts how Hyderabad is changing in its preferences.

Commenting on the same, Aaliya shares, “Hyderabad has become one of the fastest growing cities in fashion with many designers from Delhi and Mumbai opening their store here. Hyderabadi brides want to wear garments that are fashionable and come with perfect fit.” She tells us about emerging wedding wear trends, “We have already seen how draped outfits are currently in fashion, which is our specialisation. Other than that, I have seen long jackets with lehengas and cape with shararas in vogue. Kaftans continue to be in trend inspired by Bollywood and are now making a cut to the international market.”

Rs.50,000 upwards. Available in-store at Banjara Hills.
Twitter: @RanaPriyamvada

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