This wedding season, follow these hacks from our city-based make-up artists for an ideal look   

It’s the season of weddings. Be it the bride, bridesmaids, groom, family, or friends, getting the right look for the day is a must. Let’s hear from experts  

Chokita Paul Published :  02nd December 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  02nd December 2022 12:00 AM
Featured image used for representational purpose

Featured image used for representational purpose

Ayesha AK

Ayesha does not adhere to fads. "Each artist has a style based on the work they do most. I feel my style has grown over a decade to suit my clients’ demands. The words most used for my work are natural, non-cakey skin, brides looking like themselves and not having a drastic makeover so much that they can’t believe it’s them after getting their makeup done. I specialise in airbrushed, glowing and natural-looking skin and unbeatable smokey eyes that my clients keep coming back for. I work a lot with South Indian clients but I have also worked with other Indian brides in Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali, Marwari, and Malayali communities and to even cross-cultural marriages from the UK, US, France and Australia. I start by understanding the culture of the event or wedding. By bridging the gap between ethnicity and culture, I look at the jewellery, outfits and accessories, and create a look that harmonises and blends it all. For me, it is the bride wearing the make-up, not the other way round," she tells us.

Ayesha: "I feel my style has grown over a decade to suit my clients’ demands."

Shuchi Bhattacharya

Freelance make-up artist, Shuchi Bhattacharya runs her eponymous make-up and hair enterprise on Facebook and Instagram. For bridal makeovers, diverse forms of beauty trends are prevalent in various regions. However, wearing contact lenses is the most popular and significant trend right now. Most brides wear lenses, according to Shuchi. “Lenses most definitely accentuate the overall look,” she adds. One can use a small amount of lighter shade of concealer on the blemishes they would like to cover up if they are dissatisfied with the coverage provided by the foundation. “But you have to concentrate on blending for full coverage,” she shares. 

Shuchi says, “Lenses most definitely accentuate the overall look.”

Nabeela Meenazi

Nowadays, everyone aspires to have skin that is dewy and shiny. The secret, according to Nabeela, is to apply a lot of moisturiser before applying your base if you want to achieve that appearance. “Another way is to mix a liquid highlighter with foundation or to use an illuminating foundation. Use very little or no powder to set it. Apply more highlighter on the high points of your face,” she shares.

Nabeela: “Apply more highlighter on the high points of your face.”

Iman Zaidi

Iman Zaidi, another city-based bridal makeup artist, likes to mix eyeshadow while subtly giving a flash of vivid colour to the eyes. “But I am not someone who follows trends blindly. I dislike the butterfly-winged eyeliner on my brides because it’s too high fashion for a classy bridal makeover. Also, the ‘no makeup’ make-up look is an evergreen style as it goes well with a sari, a lehenga or a gown,” she says. Iman has honed the technique of royal makeovers utilising the rich eye colours of gold and rust, focusing on the Nizami bridal makeup look of Hyderabad. 

 “The ‘no makeup’ make-up look is an evergreen style.” 

Samaira Wallani

Owner of Stylicious By Sam Makeup Studio & Academy and the Glammonn Mrs India Plus Size 2021–22 winner, Samaira Imran Wallini considers diversity to be her style as she specialises in bridal beauty make-up that is natural. “To me, make-up signifies the feel-good factor. Make-up should not overpower the personality of the bride,” she says. Being your most extravagant, vibrant self is a theme that runs across several of the greatest make-up trends of the year. One can even forgo foundation and use concealer where needed. “Or you can combine your foundation with moisturiser. People are now going back to natural glass skin, more glow and shine instead of using too much colour, muted tones of brown, peaches and soft pinks. Make-up that looks like skin but just a lot healthier,” she says.

Samaira says, “To me, make-up signifies the feel-good factor.”

Suman Agarwal

Brides desire a finish that is clear and natural. They want to appear authentically themselves and let their skin breathe. To fulfil this, she tells us, “You need to maintain the right balance of colour corrections, concealer and foundation. Spend some time choosing a foundation which matches your skin tone.” Although we are aware that the bride is the life of the wedding ceremony, all she wants is to appear herself but better. According to Suman, blush and highlighters enrich the skin's visual appeal; they should be used sparingly and subtly to convey a sense that the skin is beaming from within. “Brides should also focus on their skin for a well-balanced moisture to experience the best results of make-up,” she tells us. 

Suman: "Brides should also focus on their skin."


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