Review: Rosemary tenderloins, Mediterranean grills, jerk-spiced skewers, and more make JW Marriott Hotel Kolkata's alfresco Barbecue Evenings a hit

JW Kitchen Alfresco is hosting perfect BBQ evenings complimented by an unmatched ambience, finest beverages and live performances for some after-work downtime for you and your squad

author_img Ujjainee Roy Published :  06th December 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  06th December 2019 12:00 AM

Have you explored JW Marriott Hotel Kolkata's Barbecue Evenings yet?

Barbecue nights are the best excuse for some winter socialising and JW Marriott Hotel Kolkata has curated the most impeccable BBQ experience, filled with the juiciest skewers and exciting beverages, so you can make the most of the holiday season. Unlike most BBQ menus which are a meat-lover’s delight but can often disappoint the veggie gourmands, JW Marriott’s menu has a very thoughtful balance of delicious green options as well; we also found helpful accompaniments or sides like pilaf rice, three bean salsa or the unbeatable jacket potato with sour cream and chives, which was the unlikely hero at our dinner table.

Grilled sausages at JW Marriott's BBQ Evenings

The classic baked potato comes with a crunchy exterior and has a creamy filling, and is utterly bingable. At the alfresco set-up under the night lights with the live band belting out ABBA, we started things off with a House Spice Marinated Kolkata Bhetki; if you usually steer clear of seafood grills, this number will astonish you with its generous, but not overwhelming smoky notes. Pair it with a taut white wine, which you can find on the menu. 

Garlic-rubbed prawns at JW Marriott Hotel's BBQ Evenings

In the green section of the BBQ menu, you’ll spot some unusual numbers like the Cottage Cheese Leek Yakitori, Baked Truffle Polenta with Truffle Mushroom, the latter being a huge vegan favourite. We ordered some Johnnie Ginger, which was a specialty blend of whiskey topped with ginger beer, and munched on some herb roasted baby potatoes.

The Garlic Rubbed Prawns with Citrus Fondue can be an all-season fix owing to its inviting palate. As any chef would tell you, skewered prawns can be extremely tricky as they run the risk of turning rubbery, but the ones on our plates had been grilled right until perfection. The Jamaican Jerk Spice Marinated Spring chicken had a very notable consistency, the kind of buoyancy you look for in a BBQ comfort number. 

The House Spice Marinated Kolkata Bhetki 

The Rosemary Rubbed Tenderloin Fillet Steak was perhaps the clear winner; perfectly deep-seared yet juicy, the steak also had a terrific cut, which is always convenient for al fresco dinners. The rosemary works to highlight the robust, medium-rare grill. Interestingly, the menu features a Shiraz wine and it’s the perfect pairing with the tenderloin steak. We also loved the Barbecued Pork Chops which had a tender but slightly chewy texture; we were also delighted to find traditional German sausages (Nürnberger Rostbratwurst) on the menu, something rather simple and comfortable which most BBQ menus give a miss.

Another rather unusual entree was the Sumac-infused minced lamb, a Middle-Eastern delicacy which makes use of the semi tangy sumac spice, native to some East Asian and African countries. Pair it with a rested rum or an Appleseed cocktail which you’ll find on the menu. Price for two: Rs 1,699