From tingmo to littis, here are some regional Indian breads, and where to find them in Bengaluru 

We take a trip to the different corners of the country to pick some must-try breads and the Bengaluru restaurants that serve them

Anagha M Published :  15th February 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  15th February 2019 12:00 AM

Girda. Pic: Shaheem Bhat, Orzuv

Indian ‘breads’ usually just refer to naans, rotis or parathas, but there is a treasure-trove of undiscovered and regional inventions. We take a trip to the different corners of the country to pick some must-try breads and the Bengaluru restaurants that serve them.

Bread is an essential part of Kashmiri cuisine and each type is part of a social custom. Girda is a breakfast bread, that is had with pink salted tea and Harissa, a winter mutton dish. Orzuv serves the best Kashmiri breads in the city. While you’re there, also try the Gyav Tchot, the Kashmiri bagel. Rs. 45 ++ upward. At Whitefield

Dhabe di Roti
The Dhabe di Roti (Dhaba-style roti) is a soft, fermented bread made with flour, eggs and sauf (aniseed powder). Cooked till golden in a tandoor, it makes for a great accompaniment for rich curries. Dhaba - Estd 1986 Delhi is the place to go for this highway-style Punjabi dish. Rs. 69 ++. At Indira Nagar

Naun-e-Bah Khummach
This is a leavened bread from Awadhi cuisine. What sets this bread apart is the addition of suji (semolina flour), which gives it that “lift” (‘bah khummach’ means risen). To get a taste of it, head to Dum Pukht Jolly Nabobs. Rs. 235 ++. At ITC Windsor, Golf Course Road

A staple in Bihar, Jharkhand and some parts of UP, these small dough balls are made with sattu (roasted chickpea flour). Grilled over hot coal, the ghee-soaked dumplings are then served with choka (mashed potatoes) and chutneys. Try it at Litti Twist, where they offer litties stuffed with spinach, potatoes or methi. Rs. 140 ++. At Hosur Road

Khamiri Roti
This bread is believed to have originated in the Mughal era. Khamir is an Urdu word meaning yeast and this bread is usually found in the small allies of Old Delhi. At The Bier Library, chef Seemanta Baruah offers this leavened baked bread with a twist — the addition of fennel and poppy seeds — and serves it with their pickle platter. Rs. 159 ++ upwards. At Koramangala

Tilgul Poli
A cousin of the more famous Puran Poli, this Maharashtrian delicacy is made for the winter months. The flatbread is made with jaggery, flour and roasted sesame seeds (til). Try it at Purnabramha Maharashtrian Restaurant.Rs. 110 ++. At Kalyan Nagar

While North East and Tibetan cuisines are usually rice dominated, they do have some steamed and fried breads. The most popular one is Tingmo, a steamed, layered bun, usually had with any spicy meat-based gravy. To treat yourself to it, visit Utse Kitchen, where they also offer another fried traditional flatbread — Bhaley. Rs. 100 ++.At Kamaraj Road