Goa Brewing Co.’s Eight Finger Eddie, a tribute to the one of the first American hippies in India, launches in Bengaluru

Anagha M Published :  27th September 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  27th September 2019 12:00 AM

Eight Finger Eddie

It was 1964 when American Yertward Mazamanian came to Anjuna beach, and put Goa on the hippie trail, making it the hub for international tourists it is today. Fondly known as Eight Finger Eddie (because he had only eight fingers), Yertward became a legend in the area. Goa Brewing Co., which makes quintessential Goan brews, pays homage to the man through their IPA, Eight Finger Eddie. “As a Goan, it is my way of paying tribute to that generation of travellers,” says founder, Suraj Shenai. The beer is now available in Bengaluru. 

Located in a 250-year-old Indo-Portuguese bungalow in the village of Sangolda, work at the brewery starts at dawn. Eight Finger Eddie takes time to brew, as milling, mashing and lautering the malts and oats take the whole day. After five to seven days of fermentation, the beer is matured for a minimum of 14 days. “We bottle only what we need to supply in the next few days, to ensure the freshest beer reaches consumers,” he explains. 

As an IPA, Eight Finger Eddie, with its eye-catching logo, is a bit different from the other options available in the market. A double dry hopped oat cream ale, it has intense aromas of tropical fruits and a soft, fuller mouthfeel because of the oats. It boasts a creamy finish with a hint of the hop bitterness. “We use the highest quality two-row malted barley from Europe, new-age hops from US and New Zealand, steel cut oats and fresh Goan water!” Suraj shares. The yeast strain that the beer uses is cultured in their in-house fermentation lab. 


The brand exemplifies the free-spirited and non-conformist image associated with Goa. “We don’t follow any set rules or brewing traditions. We brew beers around consumption occasions and changing seasons. Like Eight Finger Eddie was born when we were wondering what would be the perfect beer to have in a very personal space like while watching a Netflix show,” Suraj adds. Next, fans can expect a few more beers from GBC to make their way to Bengaluru. “We have lined up Saint & Sinner, which is a Trappist style ale but brewed with Goan coconut jaggery, and Breakfast Cereal Stout for the cooler winter months. In summer, we will send down our Pineapple Saison and any new Saison we will be brewing,” he concludes.

Rs. 190. Available at select retail outlets and pubs across the city