Lockdown special: Chef Nilesh Pawar shares easy immunity-boosting veggie snack recipes

Quarantine snacking doesn’t have to be carb-loaded. Eat well and healthy with these chef-approved immunity boosting veggie snacks which take minutes to prepare  

author_img U.Roy Published :  17th April 2020 06:35 PM   |   Published :   |  17th April 2020 06:35 PM

Chickpeas & spinach salad by Chef Pawar

While under lockdown there are only so many things we can do to keep ourselves safe; while we may not have access to our usual dose of organic, free-range or gourmet grocery picks, there are certain superfoods and antioxidant-packed ingredients readily available in our pantry which can keep us safe amid the global pandemic. There has been a lot of discussion and Twitter debates about the need to boost our immunity amid a virus epidemic, and while it’s always been important, right now it is extremely crucial to keep our immune systems strong and healthy.

Even if you don’t have access to fresh goji berries or chia seeds try some ingredients from your regular pantry, like tomatoes, ginger, chickpeas which work wonders to boost your immune system and keep you up and running. Tomatoes, especially, are loaded with Vitamins C and K and are a great source of antioxidants. To be specific, antioxidants protect cells against the harmful effects of free, toxic radicals, which can weaken your immune system. The Vitamin C also regulates stress and if you’re indulging in self-loving skincare rituals in your time-off, a bowl of tomato soup is just what you need for healthy hair and skin.

Chickpeas, much like some superfoods, are excellent sources of zinc and copper which are crucial in keeping your immune system healthy. It’s also great for regulating blood sugar and has fibre. If you’re a salad person, switch your routine up by going for some chickpea and greens salad. In fact, to make your quarantine snacking easier and healthy, we got Chef Nilesh Pawar, Head Chef, The Byke Group of Hotels & Resorts to share the recipes for easy three-step Tomato Peppercorn Clear Soup and Chickpeas and Spinach Salad. Take a look:


Tomato Peppercorn Clear Soup



2 /3 Medium size tomato

10 peppercorns Crushed

3-4 Garlic Flakes finely chopped

1" Ginger Crushed

1" Cinnamon stick

Chopped Onion 20 gms

Salt to taste

Oil 1 TSP




  • Boil the Tomato, ginger, Cinnamon, crushed pepper in 250 ml water till the tomatoes are done, allow it to cool, then mash it and sieve it. 

  • Heat the oil / butter, fry the garlic and chopped onions till golden brown on a slow fire and add the tomato stock, add salt to taste, allow it to boil for few minutes

  • Serve hot with a sprinkle of Black pepper powder and garnished with mint leaves.


Tomato Peppercorn Soup


Chickpea and Spinach Salad with Cumin dressing


2 Cup boiled chick-Pea (White-Chana)

½ Cup Chop onion

¼ Cup Olive Oil

3 Tbsp lemon juice

½ Tbsp lemon zest

1 ½ Tbsp ground Cumin

4 cup baby spinach leave

2 tablespoon chopped fresh mint

Salt pepper as per taste



  • In a Medium bowl combine the chickpeas and onions. 

  • In another bowl whisk together the olive Oil, lemon juice and zest, Cumin, Salt and pepper. 


  • Pour the dressing over the chickpeas mixture and toss. Serve the Chickpeas Salad over a bed of spinach leaves.