Eagle Bites Pizza gives interesting desi twists to the Italian delicacy

Try Australia’s classic favourites or the desi style pizzas at this newest outlet

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  18th December 2020 12:39 PM   |   Published :   |  18th December 2020 12:39 PM

Garlic Prawn Pizza at Eagle BItes Pizza

The ever-popular pizza is no longer restricted to the authentic Napoli flavour and texture. The globally accepted comfort food has been experimented upon by almost all food connoisseurs and chefs to give a unique twist each time. From the crust to the topping, every element of this Italian delicacy is being customised. We recently came across one such similar culinary bonhomie when we dropped in at Eagle Bites Pizza.

This pizza stop, strategically located on EM Bypass Road, was originally a franchise of Australia’s popular pizza chain, Eagle Boys Pizza. Following the brand’s downhill journey Down Under, the franchises across the country ended up either being shut down or turning a new leaf. The Kolkata franchise replaced the word ‘Boys’ with ‘Bites’ and also added new variants, adapting to the ever-evolving tastebuds of city gastronomes. For the seafood lovers, Garlic Prawn Pizza is a must-try entree. The punch of garlic laced in prawns makes for an irresistible topping in the hand-tossed pizza that is garnished with coriander leaves and garlic powder. The moist yet crispy edges of the crust will not disappoint you. Taking up the garlic factor ahead in their new menu, the pizzeria has added a new garlic bread. Loaded with mushrooms, the Cheesy Mushroom Garlic Bread was creamy and filling. Among the desi styles, you can settle for Chicken and Paneer Schezwan pizza and Paneer and Chicken Makhani pizza.

A few signature pizzas of the original brand still rule the menu here including the Aussie’s Favourite. This pizza triggers the popular debate — to add or not to add pineapple as a topping. While fruit seems to be an odd preference for topping, we liked the sweet and tangy effect it had on our tastebuds balancing the spices of the zesty pizza pretty well. Moving beyond the signature recipes, there is also a sweeter version of a pizza for a chocolaty ending to your meals. We loved the overdose of chocolate in the Triple Chocolate Sweetizza sprinkled with white chocolate chips.

Meal for two: Rs500

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