Vedika Tibrewal explains how she’s shaping DIY dessert culture with India’s first edible cookie dough label Scoopski

Have you explored Scoopski, yet?

author_img U.Roy Published :  31st July 2020 10:49 AM   |   Published :   |  31st July 2020 10:49 AM

Have you tried Scoopski's cookie dough, yet?

Millennials have grown up watching pop culture icons like Monica, Rachel or Buffy indulge in cookie dough as a comfort food or as the go-to post break-up dessert. But edible cookie dough was nowhere to be found in the desi market until of course, a young Kolkata-based entrepreneur rectified the situation with her first venture. Vedika Tibrewal started India’s first edible cookie dough brand Scoopski while she was still in college. The brand which turns two this August essentially identified cookie dough’s potential as a versatile dessert staple which can be used as icing, topping, cookie base or just as a straight-out-of-jar treat. We caught up with Tibrewal to explore her vision further:

Vedika Tibrewal, the founder of Scoopski

Tell us the idea behind Scoopski

I experienced the concept of edible cookie dough as a dessert during my time in the US. In 2017, I went to Harvard for summer school and took a weekend trip to New York with my friends where we stood in line for more than two hours outside a cookie dough parlour, it blew my mind. Indian dessert culture never had the concept of eating the dough or the batter as a dessert in itself, it was a western concept and wasn’t innate for us. 

Edible cookie dough is ideal for people who want to binge, but I figured a parlour model would never work here because it takes a while to push people out of their couches to try something new. But if you could bring the product to them, it would totally work.

Tell us about the kind of ingredients you use

We only use fresh, natural ingredients. We do not use preservatives, in fact every product is made on the day of dispatch or maybe a day earlier, and made freshly in small batches. We source ingredients from all over the world. For instance we have a Biscoff cookie dough. Biscoff is, of course, a shortbread cookie which are produced in Belgium, and we are the first company in India to introduce anything biscoff flavoured. We are about to launch a flavour called Japanese lemon yuzu, it will be a citrus-based cookie dough. 

Cookie dough pizza by Scoopski

Tell us how young consumers feel about the products since it fills a huge void in their binging patterns

We marketed our product as a dessert which can be eaten from a jar, but so many customers got back to us saying they tried making pies out of it or used it as icing. That gave us more clarity as to where we are headed. We assumed millennials would be the ideal customers but we noticed foodies of all ages want to get crafty with it. Mums are buying it for their kids so they can share an activity with them in the kitchen, this is something we hadn’t anticipated. So the kind of content we are putting out now is how you can spend your time with the cookie dough, it’s so much more than just an easy dessert.

Scoopski products are available on the official site