Garam Kadai's tech-savvy, fuss-free meals are great travel partners

Self-heating on-the-go food, Garam Kadhai, will make travelling more fun
Garam Kadai
Garam Kadai

Garam Kadai translates into good news for the globetrotters who rely majorly on instant noodles to feed their adventurous souls. The revolutionary self-heating food-on-the-go launched by Indian Traditional Foods breaks the monotony of the menu while travelling. With 60 types of Indian recipes under Garam Kadai and 25 types of western recipe under the Indo fusion range of On To Go, the new travel partner is set to make the trip more memorable and sumptuous.  

Amit Kumar Balecha, Founder & CEO of My Curry, Indian Traditional Food, Garam Kadai, avers, “Keep surprising our customers with our offerings, consistent taste and quality is key of winning customer's heart. Our mission is to spread the taste of India across the Globe. Our vision is to take India to every dining table in the world in the most innovative ways”

The concept is similar to the instant noodle but different in technology. The kadhai or the container comes with a white pouch that accelerates the exothermic process when poured water over it, with the food on top. The water literally boils and in 10 minutes the cold food turns into a delectable bite, warm and fresh. The range has various variants including Vegetable Dum Biryani, Mattar Paneer, Pongal, Lemon Rice, Rajma Chawal, Palak Paneer to name a few.

Talking about his plan for the brand, Balecha tells us, “We are aiming at two million pcs sale in F.Y 20-21 in India and abroad. We are working to introduce this range for people who work in remote location and especially looking for a tie-up with supplies for the Indian Army, Isolated Covid Patients, Pilgrims for Amarnath.  We got an amazing response from delegates of Japan, Europe, North America, Mexico etc during Indus Food Show and now scaling up our capacities to tap all opportunities”.

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