Six healthy tea options to keep you fit during monsoon

Whether you are a tea aficionado or not, sip these tea to stay fit 

author_img F Khatoon Published :  14th August 2021 02:54 PM   |   Published :   |  14th August 2021 02:54 PM
Tea for monsson


Tea is more than a beverage - it’s a conversation starter, a healer and a way of life. Over the years, the Chinese herb has moved beyond the classic blends to newer experimental infusions. Therapeutic Ayurvedic tea blends with the goodness of spices and medicinal herbs are also hot picks during the monsoons. Here are some unique options that you can try.   

Mango mania

Who doesn’t like this tropical fruit? We chanced upon this tea that blends the white flesh of raw mango with crisp tea leaves to create a concoction that has an undertone of fruity notes. Aam Panna Tea by The Infused Kettle also adds fennel seeds, which when had post meals aid digestion.

Peach power 

Loaded with nutrients and minerals peach tea contains incredible cell reinforcement properties, improves cardiac health, improves immunity and more. Peach tea by Dehradun-based brand Rajendra also uses the dry leaves and bark of peach trees.  

Dash of cream

Can’t part with a classic earl grey? How about adding some crème to it? The exquisite Earl Grey Crème by Moksa, combines the soft hints of cream and vanilla to the flavour of bergamot for a smooth yet intricate blend that tea lovers adore. Earl Grey is known for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

Floral finesse

Floral teas are quite common. From rose and jasmine to hibiscus to chamomile we have savoured it all. But here’s a blend that brings the aromatic and therapeutic properties of two flowers in one – Lavender Hibiscus tea. This elixir by Tassyam is a blend of pure and whole lavender flower buds as well as hibiscus flowers with fine green tea as its base and every batch is hand-blended to ensure utmost care and quality.


PCOD potion

Ever fancied a tea that acts as an alternative medicine to your PCOS woes? Well, here’s one. With natural ingredients that include spearmint leaves, cinnamon bark, ashwagandha, liquorice root, St John’s Wort and others, this tea from Kolkata-based The Indian Chai’s a must for women suffering from PCOD. The tea also has additional health benefits. It aids in digestion and improves heart health.

Immunity booster

An immunity-boosting tea had to be on the list but this one includes the time-tested herb giloy, also known as amrita or guduchi in Hindi. Popular as the ‘root of immortality,' its leaves have immunity-boosting properties apart from being beneficial for diabetic patients. Packed in a tea with basil and cinnamon, Organic India’s Tulsi Cinnamon Giloy protects against infections and diseases.