Kolkata's Laa Mozarellla has cracked the brunch code with winsome flavours and sun-lit spots 

Have you been to Laa Mozarellla, yet?
Have you been to Laa Mozarellla, yet?
Have you been to Laa Mozarellla, yet?

After months of being cooped up inside, urban brunchers do want to feel the sun on them. The city seems to be obliging this growing need for crafty, sunlit spaces which maximise the pleasures of eating in natural light, without the rigours of outdoor dining. This keen shift in the post pandemic lunching culture is by all means a welcome one, which is why dropping into New Town’s Laa Mozarellla on a weekday afternoon was unanimously deemed to be a good decision by us.

The commodious 40-plus seater is sectioned into two meticulous areas - an open, earthy and sprawling space with plenty of floor area and wall-to-wall glass paneled windows ( it lets the sunlight in and the table arrangement makes it very easy to distance with convenience and enjoy your personal space) and a more intimate, stylised dining room with classic seating and edgy, mesh-lined ceiling. 

Spicy Ravioli
Spicy Ravioli

The menu is a comprehensive mediterranean affair with a few global selections , and a keen focus on cheese, of course. One of the biggest draws would be the 12-inch, wood-burn pizzas; you’ll immediately notice the balance between the thin crisp base and a softer garnish of the steaming cheese. We picked the Peri Peri Chicken pizza and found a lot of well-finished flavours we weren’t expecting. It is also the right amount of smokey, which is why it makes it such a safe recommendation. Some other more rustic variations are Sicilia, Carnivora and Marinara.

“After much anticipation, I am delighted to launch Laa Mozarellla Café. With the evolving consumer palate, guests are constantly looking to experiment with something new and exclusive. Owing to the fact that the area is almost devoid of good eateries and service, I certainly hope to drive the brand towards heights that inspire,” Mr Jay Agarwal, Founder & Owner, Laa Mozarellla tells us.

We also did a quick sampling of some shareable appetisers like Spicy Ravioli, Melted Mushroom Caps and Mustard-Marinated Fish Fingers, all of which make for great finger foods. The salad section offers a lot of versatile options made with fresh produce and interesting additions; it’s great for the brunching crowd, or for people who are looking for something seasonal. But it’s the mains that have been designed like the star attractions; each more dramatically plated than the last.

The  Wood Fiery Stuffed Chicken is a total spectacle - served on a solid wooden plate board with veggies and recently settled flames. If you’re looking for something adventurous and family-style, go for The Smokey Fish Riverra featuring a whole grilled fish served on a bed of herbed rice and mash, accompanied with a lemon butter sauce and veggies. Hot tip: 1. The Wild Mushroom Risotto is a great pick if you’re looking for a familiar, shareable but sophisticated entree. 2. Laa Mozarellla is also offering American and English breakfast from Friday to Sunday starting at Rs 249

Price for two: Rs 1200

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