We were just for snacks at Amro in Gachibowli

The cosy bistro’s must-haves include Biscoff and Cinnamon Latte, Drums of Heaven and Aam Mojito
Brioche Bread
Brioche Bread

Amro strikes a chord with its blend of flavours and a spotlight on artisanal bread, yet it faces the common pitfalls of niche eateries: balancing novelty with coherence and managing a price point that reflects its premium offerings without alienating diners.

Starting strong, the Aam Mojito and Lychee Bubble Tea were refreshing, albeit more novelty than necessity. The Dynamic Prawns and Drums of Heaven set a high bar, skillfully executed with a balance of spices that teased the palate. The Broccoli Florentine and Oriental Rice Bowl offered a commendable nod to vegetarians, though they tread familiar ground without much innovation.

The Cream of Mushroom soup was a standout, its depth of flavour and texture showcasing what the eatery does best: elevate basics into something memorable. The mains, particularly the Amro Signature Spicy Burger, underscore the café’s USP— artisanal bread that elevates a simple burger into a culinary one.

Yet, the Spicy Chicken Steak, while competently prepared, struggled to leave a lasting impression amidst a sea of similarly spiced offerings. The final act, a Biscoff and Cinnamon Latte encapsulated the menu’s ambition to merge comfort with a soothing yet intriguing concoction.

However, the ambience, while aesthetically pleasing, could become congested, diminishing the overall dining comfort. Moreover, the pricing strategy, leaning towards the higher end, may detert frequent visits, especially when the novelty wears off.

The place is a mixed bag — a commendable effort in culinary exploration and artisanal baking, yet its success hinges on its ability to refine its offerings and ambience to offer not just food, but an experience that justifies its premium.

`800 upwards for two. At Gachibowli.

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