Discover Iftar delicacies from the charming Middle East all month long at this restaurant

Adding to the fervour this year, is Zouq, with their authentic Middle Eastern Iftar in the heart of the city
Turkish Simit Bread
Turkish Simit Bread

In Hyderabad, we take Ramadan seriously. From elaborate food walks in Charminar to piping hot bowls of haleem, the city truly lights up during the holy month, much to a gourmand’s delight.

Adding to the fervour this year, is Zouq, with their authentic Middle Eastern Iftar in the heart of the city. We walked into the space tastefully done up with Moroccan lanterns and festive buntings. Tables adorned with humongous spreads of cold mezze, fresh fruit and desserts welcomed us in.

We started our Iftari on a quintessentially Hyderabadi note, with a bowl of Dahi Vadas and a glass of chilled Roohafza. We excitedly moved onto the cold mezze to discover an array of delicacies including hummus, shakshuka, salads and breads typically consumed in the Middle East during Ramadan. A chilled olive salad, falafel, and eggplant shakshuka stood out to us from the generous spread.

Among the appetisers, the Minced Sambosas and Lebanese-style Mince Arayes were crowd favourites. “Elaborate feasts featuring cold mezze and meats are a routine affair during Ramadan in the Middle East. We have recreated the same experience for diners in Hyderabad,” says Mir Mohinuddin Ali Khan, founder of Zouq.

Dahi Vadas
Dahi Vadas

Soon, a massive Main Course Platter filled with the choicest of meats and kebab preparations was brought onto our table, further adding to the festive experience. We nibbled on some decadent Shish Tawook and Crispy Fish Fry from the vast spread. Complimenting the meats was the subtly flavoured Lebanese Rice with Vermicelli alongside the Tepsi Kebab Curry from the main course.

Dessert was an indulgent affair too, with Turkish delights, Milk Pudding, Kunafeh, Basbusa, Lokma, Gajar ka Halwa and Qubani ka Meetha. The Milk Pudding with this creamery texture and subtle sweetness is a must-try in our books, along with the supremely cheesy Kunafeh that we couldn’t get enough of.

Rs 1,598 upwards for two.

At Banjara Hills

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