Every weekend, the Watson's in Indira Nagar turns into Puma Shuffle: Here's our review 

This weekend lounge promises a global menu and cocktails designed as a homage to Puma

Anagha M Published :  15th March 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  15th March 2019 12:00 AM

Puma Shuffle

Watson’s may seem like the ideal round-the-corner bar for Bengalu-reans, but their new outlet in Indira Nagar has a different story to tell. Every Friday and Saturday, it is its alter-ego, Puma Shuffle, a techno lounge with a menu to match. We visited the space to see what the hype was all about. Inspired by the streetwear vibe that Puma embodies, the space has colourful graffiti all over the walls. The seating and wall art  are starkly different from the retro-rock feel of Waston’s. The menu is also designed with quick bar eats and one-bowl meals. The highlight is their cocktails. 

Each signature drink at Shuffle is named after an iconic Puma product, with options such as the Cali (a Captain Morgan-based drink), Nova Sour (their take on the whiskey sour) and the Hybrid (a dark rum affair). We were first served the Jamming On The Ice. Made of flavoured cocktail popsicles, this is their most popular drink, we’re told. We sampled the kiwi, peach and strawberry flavours, and it was certainly blissful to try these on a hot summer afternoon. 

The first dish on the table was the Two Way Mushrooms On Toast. The caramelised mushroom and the mushroom pâté smeared on the toast made this one a hit. We also loved the Karipap, a Malaysian dish made with curried chicken or potato stuffed in a puff pastry. The textures in this one made us go back for seconds. For something more traditionally Asian, try the Crispy Lotus Stem or the Honey Glazed Sesame Tofu. We suggest you pair your appetisers with the Suede Pineapple Curry cocktail — Smirnoff, fresh fruit and a generous dose of curry leaves. 

Their mains include a mix of American, Italian and Indian dishes. We highly recommend their Meal Bowls. It is available in options such as Garlic Oyster Chicken, Spicy Beef Strips, Lemon Chili Prawn and Chili Paneer. The bowl of delectable fried rice is topped with fried onions and pickled vegetables along with your choice of protein. This spicy number was paired with the Liquid Cell cocktail. A mix of gin, cucumber and cardamom, this one is simple and refreshing.

With techno gigs every weekend, the grungy ambience and innovative cocktails, this spot is a must-visit.

Rs. 1,600 for two.  Friday and Saturday. At Indira Nagar
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