Watson's opens its seventh outlet in India, here's why you cannot miss dining at this watering hole

Watson’s Sahakarnagar opens with a new menu with dishes like Laal Mas Samosa and Kerala Beef on Coin Parota

Ayesha Tabassum Published :  03rd May 2019 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  03rd May 2019 06:00 AM

Watson's Sahakarnagar

It's not easy to live up to expectations in the culinary business. But when you see a homegrown brand open a seventh outlet in India and in a newly emerging suburb in the city, you know it has stood the test of time. Watson’s The Grub Pub is now open in Sahakarnagar.

Although located on the top floor of a nondescript building, the yellow board grabs your attention, so it wasn’t difficult for us to spot.

Appetising palate
The pub is designed around a huge earthen pot that holds an indoor plant. The green theme flows throughout the decor with green walls, creepers hanging from the ceiling and a quaint corner painted with a tree mural. We chose a quiet spot with a large table to enjoy our leisurely lunch that we began by sampling the Fried Idli Pudi.

Fried Idli Pudi

Tossed in ghee and spicy pudi, it gave us a fiery start. We tried the new Tamarind Tales cocktail with this starter. A mix of Smirnoff, orange liqueur, tamarind, bell pepper, mango and basil, it helped balance the spice of the idlis.

Kerala Beef on Coin Parota

The Kerala Beef on Coin Parota is not to be missed. It features coin parotas topped with stir fried beef, an onion ring and grated coconut. The succulent beef with familiar South Indian spices was moreish. The Southern Sour cocktail goes well with this dish. The mix of Laphroaig (Single Malt peated Whisky from Islay), Black and White, passion fruit, orange and lime paired well with the beef.


Laal Mas Samosa

Local twist
The Laal Mas Samosa and Galangal Chicken Patties were served next. The classic Rajasthani filling in the samosa did come as a surprise and was impressive. While the Galangal Chicken had a sharp ginger flavour. The other dish that made an impression was the Butter Chicken Masala Pie with it’s rich and velvety filling. For dessert, we went with the Carrot Cake. This dessert was layered with cream cheese frosting and cinnamon flavoured carrot cake and was perfect to end our relaxed afternoon meal.

Watson’s has always made a mark with its out-of-the-box appetisers and this seventh outlet does it again with its elaborate menu.

Rs 1,500++ for two. At 60 Feet Road, Sahakarnagar