Feeling blue? Here's our pick of the trendiest blue pea tea cocktails in Bengaluru

The blue pea flower is the latest rage this season. Here’s how bartenders in Bengaluru are making the most of it

Anagha M Published :  01st November 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  01st November 2019 12:00 AM

Blue pea tea cocktails

The blue pea or butterfly flower is popular for its rich purple colour. Infused with spirits, or made into a “tea”, this flower has made its way into cocktails across town. Here’s where you can sip on some of these beverages to drive away those blues!  

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The Reservoire - Koramangala
This bar serves two drinks with blue pea tea. The Butterfly Sour is a spicy number with cardamom, star anise, cloves and cinnamon, while the tropical St Island Margarita offers a mix of gin, lemon and sweet vanilla. Rs. 450 ++. At Koramangala

Stories - The Brew Chapter
The Blue Stories cocktail at this spot has blue pea-infused tequila. The concoction, which also features a homemade grapefruit reduction and lime, is high on sour notes. Rs. 379 ++. At BTM Layout

The Blue Gin cocktail at this brewery comes topped with a flower. Made with tonic water, the floral-infused gin and hoppy bitters, this is their take on the classic gin and tonic. Rs. 299 ++. At Sarjapur Road

Creamy and frothy, the Aurora cocktail at Gylt is delightful. The drink has blue pea-infused Tanqueray gin, citrusy Kaffir lime leaves and bitters, and is topped off with an egg white. Rs. 590 ++. At Hennur

Gypsy Turtle
Served in a mug that is a cross between a tea cup and a wine glass, the Blue Pea Tea at this bar in Whitefield is a pretty sight. The drink is a heady mix of pineapple juice, lime juice, blue pea tea and gin — a fruity and refreshing affair. Rs. 395 ++. At Whitefield

Uru Brewpark
This brewery’s Butterfly Ash cocktail is a blend of smokey and floral flavours. The beverage is a concoction of gin infused with blue pea and a hint of lavender, which is smoked with hickory wood. 
Rs. 525 ++. At JP Nagar

One of their  signature drinks, the  Foxtrot Mojito, is made with rum, citrus and mint, but with the added visual drama of blue pea tea. The drink transforms into a purple-pink hue as lime is added to it on  the table. Rs. 350++. At Marathalli