From Avocado Mousse Papdi to Peanut Butter Paneer Tikka, Street Storyss offers experimental takes on familiar vegetarian classics

With teal doors, white walls, and lots of plants, the place sports a cheerful vibe

Anagha M Published :  06th September 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  06th September 2019 12:00 AM

Compressed Watermelon and Lychee Salad

Instead of the customary nachos and salsa, Street Storyss, a new cafe in Indira Nagar, welcomed us with a Papad and Khakhra platter. That’s exactly what the cafe is all about. With a completely vegetarian menu, the cafe takes popular street eats and comfort food, and gives it a global twist. On an unhurried Saturday afternoon, we were treated to some of their creations. 

With teal doors, white walls, and lots of plants, the place sports a cheerful vibe. They have custommade stoneware, in shades of dark grey and blue, that makes for pretty pictures of their otherwise beautifully plated food. The owner Akshay Luthria told us that they are working towards zero plastic and minimal waste, and hence our drinks — a mango, coconut, chilli beverage and an orange and kaffir lime cooler — arrived with bamboo straws. The former was a creamy tropical affair, while the latter was a refreshing number, thanks to the kaffir lime.  

Chit chaat
We began our meal with their small plates section. The Avocado Mousse Papdi is their version of papdi chaat. The play on textures with the crunchy papdi and smooth mousse was a winner. Salad lovers, try the Compressed Watermelon and Lychee Salad. With a sharp feta dressing, the combination of the fruits worked well. For something a little more toasty, the best choice would be Warm Mushroom Salad, that has a dressing of soy and green apples. 

Cut to the cheese
From their large plates section, two paneer dishes really stood out. The Peanut Butter Paneer Tikka had a rich and nutty marination, while the other dish, Shikanji Paneer, had the cottage cheese marinated in the notes of the traditional summer drink — lime and fennel. The cafe makes their paneer in-house, which gives it an unbelievably soft texture. They also make their own baos and we loved the Spinach and Tofu Bao for its supple dough. Speaking of dough, the pizza crusts are made with beer, which make it extra airy. Our favourites pizza was The Rocket, with toppings of fresh arugula and garlic. The last course was the Frozen Coffee Malai with Biscotti Crumb. The gooey cream flavoured with coffee was topped with the crunchy crumbs creating an interesting balance of flavours. By giving traditional dishes a spin, Street Storyss is pushing the envelope when it comes to vegetarian food.  

Rs. 1,300 for two At Indira Nagar