Lockdown experiments: Try these five recipes by grandmothers from countries like Japan and Lithuania

Great Big Story's new short film, Learning to Cook From Grandmothers Around the World, brings to the screen recipes from five different countries

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Shizuko cooks for her grandchildren

Shizuko cooks for her grandchildren

Grandmothers' recipes are as exciting as the stories they narrate. Whether it is an heirloom recipe or something completely new that's whipped by them, there's always something to look forward, and this is what the Great Big Story explores in its new short film - Learning to Cook From Grandmothers Around the World.

Featuring grandmothers from as far as Japan, Lithuania to Peru, Portugal and Iowa, the heartwarming stories will leave you elated while you learn a new recipe.

"At Great Big Story, we've eaten a lot of weird, wild (wonderful) foods. But nothing beats the taste of home. In August 2019, we put a call out to our YouTube community asking them to share theri favourite meals they cook with their grandmothers. We received over 600 responses. Here are a few of their stories," says a statement on the official website.

Romas helps his grandma Biruta at the latter's house in Kaunas

Romas who is from Kaunas in Lithuania says he is always happy to peel potatoes when he visits his grandma, Biruta. She makes his favourite dish cepelinai with the potatoes he has peeled. Bonnie, who is from Des Moines in Iowa, remembers the first dish she ever learnt to bake was an apple crisp. She is passing down this recipe to her grandson Jack. Stefano's favourite dish is his grandmother's signature spaghetti red sauce. Ana Maria, his grandmother who lives in Lima, Peru, whips up this sauce while her grandson helps grate carrots for it. 

Stefano watches his grandmother Ana Maria 

In Yamanashi in Japan, Shizuko cooks onishime and stewed beef and lotus for her grandchildren. While Aida, who lives in Lisbon in Portugal, cooks codfish and cornbread for her granddaughter Sofia, whenever the latter visits her.

Stories such as these are part of the film that's streaming on the Great Big Story website. 

You not only get to know the stories behind these recipes, you could also try at making these at home with the step-by-step guide that's posted on the website. 

Watch the film and find the recipes here: https://www.greatbigstory.com/stories/learning-to-cook-from-grandmas?storylist_type=playlist&storylist_id=2291