China’s staple beverage, baijiu, is now available in India thanks to Jiangxiaobai Pure

We speak to Sumedh Singh Mandla, CEO VBev India, about the brand

Anagha M Published :  05th February 2020 06:52 PM   |   Published :   |  05th February 2020 06:52 PM

Jiangxiaobai Pure

Baijiu is frequently called the national beverage of China. Made from sorghum, the distilled drink is so popular in the country that it is the world’s bestselling spirit and boasts a legacy going back to the Ming Dynasty. With floral and fruity notes, the spirit can be compared to Korean soju. VBev now introduces to India, Jiangxiaobai Pure, a bottled baijiu. We speak to Sumedh Singh Mandla, CEO VBev India, about the brand:

What is the cultural significance of baijiu in China?
Baijiu is the national spirit of China. It is the most consumed spirit among the Chinese population, which makes it the most consumed spirit in the world. The Chinese usually consume it neat as shots during a meal or get together. Traditionally premium/ and super premium baijiu brands have been a popular gift in China.

What’s special about Jiangxiaobai Pure baijiu?
Jiangxiaobai is credited for changing the perception of the drink and its image among the youth. Lately, baijiu is growing in popularity among the international audience and baijiu-based cocktails are gaining momentum.

What food does baijiu pair well with?
Jiangxiaobai Pure is similar to other white spirits and can be consumed in a cocktail or with mixers, it can also be consumed as a party drink in the form of shooters. Traditionally, the Chinese consume baijiu with their food. It can be paired with dishes that have mild spice and sweetness. It pairs well with barbecue dishes, sushi, Cantonese food and hot pots.

What are the flavour profiles in the spirit?
The aromas are light and floral with delicate notes of fresh grass and green apple. On the palate, it is clean and smooth with a lingering subtle almond flavour.

Why has the brand decided to launch in India, and in Bengaluru, now?
Bengaluru is one of the top cities for premium spirits in India, and international trends like craft beer and cocktails, catch on quickly. Thus, it is a great time for a new category of premium white spirits to be introduced to the market. The spending power has also increased in recent years with infrastructural and economic developments credited largely to the IT industry.

Rs. 4,490. Available at retail outlets and restaurants