Raahi’s new menu brings together modern techniques and local ingredients

Anagha M Published :  05th February 2021 05:00 AM   |   Published :   |  05th February 2021 05:00 AM
Murgh and Khumb Kedgeree at Raahi

Murgh and Khumb Kedgeree at Raahi

RAAHI NEO KITCHEN & Bar offers a culinary journey through India. Various diverse corners of the country are represented on the menu, and tradition is married with cutting-edge techniques such as controlled pressure and temperature cooking, smoke penetration, salt curing and vacuum drying. The restaurant now has a new menu that promises more of the same. 

Our lunch began with an amuse-bouche, that set the tone for what was to come — aerated curd served with homemade veggie chips, a mix of innovative textures. What followed was a vast selection of their small plates, Raj Kachori from Agra, Chicken Uruval from the Malabar region and Soya Chaap from Punjab. What stood out for us was the Dakshini Nariyal Chicken that had flavours of coconut milk and mustard, and was topped with a lime and mint foam. Another dish that impressed us was the Gongura Mahi Tikka. The succulent fish was served with gongura crisps and a curry leaf tempered yogurt sauce. 

We started main course with their sourdough pizza with the Chicken Chettinad and Bocconcini topping, an interesting fusion of cuisines. We also recommend the Murgh and Khumb Kedgeree. Made with arborio rice, the dish boasted a hint of South Indian spices. We wrapped up our meal with a Deconstructed Chiroti. Made up of candied nuts, aerated milk and filo pastry, it was a contemporary avatar of the traditional Karnataka dessert. Raahi’s new menu offers a fresh perspective on the boundaries of Indian 

Rs. 2,000 for two. At St Mark’s road