Indulge got a sneak peek into the first chapter of the Bangalore Wine Society. Here’s what it’s all about:

The society, which was initially founded in Hyderabad, has now started a new chapter in the garden city with an aim to further wine culture

Anagha M Published :  26th February 2021 05:00 AM   |   Published :   |  26th February 2021 05:00 AM
Bangalore Wine Society

Bangalore Wine Society

LAST WEEKEND OTTIMO, the Italian restaurant at ITC Gardenia, was opened for a swish set of diners who experienced the first edition of the Bangalore Wine Society. The society, which was initially founded in Hyderabad, has now started a new chapter in the garden city with an aim to further wine culture. Founded by Suryaveer Singh and Abhilash Mithren, the club will host similar wine dinners at a new restaurant every month. “The Bengaluru diner is very well travelled. They are well aware of what  they like and are very open to learn and explore more,” says Suryaveer about his decision to launch it in

A curated menu by Chef Chirag Sehgal greeted us at the table. Each course was paired with a wine that ranged from old world (European) classics to new world (New Zealand, Australia, Chile etc.) choices. The meal began with a cauliflower, dark chocolate and truffle soup. This buttery soup was balanced by a bright South Australian sparkling chardonnay and pinot noir blend. The second course, a burrata and parma ham dish, was served with another new world offering — a sauvignon blanc from New Zealand. The aromatic wine and the creamy cheese went well together. In the next course, we got a taste of something from the old world. A Spanish blend of viura and tempranillo was paired with a truffle gnocchi.

Before the next course, we played a game — a blind tasting. A red wine was brought to the table and we had to guess the region and the grape variety. We learnt a lot from the sommeliers, such as how the colour, body and the aromas of the wine are indicative of the region they hail from, and what distinguishes old world and new world wines. After a quick palate cleanser, we started on the main course. The Butterfly Pea Risotto with morel mushrooms was paired with a shiraz and cabernet sauvignon from Australia. The deep red wine complemented the earthy flavours of the mushrooms. Our gourmet meal ended with the interesting Coconut Whip with a Milk Chocolate Shell, a dessert shaped like the tropical fruit. The quenelle of avocado ice-cream that was served alongside it just sealed the deal.

What we enjoyed about the event was that it was fun for a newbie like us, as well as for connoisseurs who know and love wines. “We are hoping to curate these dinners every month. The possibilities are potenially endless given the city’s unreserved love for curated dining experiences,” Abhilash sums up.