3 unique ice cream places in Bengaluru that are a must-try 

Check out this list of unique ice creams and its makers that we have curated for die-hard dessert fans

Whether it’s chocolatey or fruity, Bengalureans go gaga over a delicious scoop of ice cream. Gone are the days when ice cream was seen as a dessert that we savoured at the end of our meals. From binge eating an entire tub in bed to exploring a vivid variety of flavours, we have all come a long way. Well, if you are the one for experimenting, then check out this list of unique ice creams and ice cream makers that we have curated for die-hard ice cream fans. 

Dripping with gold

Huber and Holly’s latest gourmet dessert, Mighty Midas, is not just any simple ice cream cooped up in a cone. Wrapped with 24 Karat edible gold leaf, this Golden Ice Cream comes with a chocolate-dipped cone stuffed with gooey brownies, nuts and Belgian chocolate ice cream and topped with freshly churned golden. That’s not all, the dessert is sprinkled with mini macaroons, Kit Kat sticks, chocolate wafer rolls and ruby nuts. The delicacy is served on a stand that’s placed over a bowl of dry ice, which makes the experience a true luxury in every single bite. One can also try other dishes such as ice cream pastries, sundae creations, classics and a few signatures.

₹ 999. At Huber & Holly, Marathahalli.

The bong connect 

Pabrai's, the ice cream franchise which is known for its exotic and exclusive range of Indian and spice flavours boasts over 60 varieties of ice creams, all crafted from natural ingredients, fresh fruits and plant-extracted sugar. Among their elaborate offerings, Pabrai's Bengali special Nalen Gur still occupies the top position. The bitter-sweet flavoured dessert topped with warm jaggery is a rewarding choice. A special shout out to Calcutta Meetha Paan ice cream, which serves a scoop made from finely chopped beetle leaves and paan masala mixed with ice cream. Undoubtedly the minty masala after the taste of this flavour won us over. Wasabi, Kesaria Rabri Malai, Sandalwood, Gandharaj Lemon, Masala Tea and Thandai are some of the other experimental flavours available at their stores. 

₹49 upwards. At Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle Ice Creams, Ashok Nagar. 

Cuteness overloaded 

Anime fans, here’s a way to indulge in Japan’s mochi ice cream without having to travel to Northeast Asia. You're in for a treat as Kawaii, a cute little parlour in Indiranagar is serving 13 different flavoured Mochi ice cream in various pastel shades. From strawberry and milk to melon and red bean, these are sticky, soft, jelly-like desserts crafted from Japonica sweet rice dough. The small little ice cream balls are served in cute little packets with Anime-like text detailing. We tried the Green Tea version and absolutely fell in love. 

₹130 upwards. At Kawaii, Indiranagar

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