This new spot serves classic Chinese and Indian fare

Their delicacies include Chicken Tacos. Fish Fingers, Hakka Noodles and much more. 
Chicken Hakka Noodles
Chicken Hakka Noodles

Indulge by House of Commons is the latest gastropub to set up shop in JP Nagar. With a menu spanning Asian cuisines and an emphasis on seafood, we are curious to go check out what they have to offer. We arrive on a Wednesday night and have the whole place to ourselves. As we settle into our seats, three cocktails — Squeeze Me Please (whiskey, grapefruit juice and honey), Smash Me Out (whiskey, vanilla syrup, pineapple and basil) and Dragon’s Roar (gin-based drink with dragon fruit, lime juice, and grapefruit tonic) greet us.

While sipping on our cocktails, we are presented with a vegetarian (Falafel in Pita) and a non-vegetarian (Mango Murgh Tikka) starter. The Falafel in Pita filled with tomatoes, gherkins, lettuce and served with hummus is a treat. The tikka is flavourful, soft and tangy due to the addition of raw mango paste.

Mexicana Chicken Tacos
Mexicana Chicken Tacos

Next up is the Mexicana Chicken Tacos and Mushroom Pepper Fritti. The tacos are loaded with bell peppers, chicken and tomato cubes. They are topped off with sour cream, salsa and cheese sauce. The mushrooms are crispy and a bit salty but the nuttiness of the sesame seeds that are sprinkled over the vegetables is quite strong.

Then comes the Prawns with Deng Long Chilli (fresh prawn with asparagus, lantern chillis, tossed with wine garlic sauce). The dish is aromatic and satisfying. Next, we move to the main course as the Veg Pan Fried Noodles with Soya Garlic Sauce and Chicken Hakka Noodles with Chicken Pepper Garlic Sauce make their way to our table. Both the dishes are flavourful and spicy but we enjoy the non-vegetarian pairing a bit more.

Chicken in Pepper Garlic Sauce 
Chicken in Pepper Garlic Sauce 

For dessert we opt for Indulgence, which is made with baked chocolate, whipped chocolate ganache, and chocolate crumbs. It is the perfect way to end our dinner.

Focusing on popular dishes and classics, this restaurant is the place to go for no-nonsense comfort food and delicious cocktails.

₹1,400++ for two. At JP Nagar


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