World Coffee Day 2022: Here are the latest trends followed by coffee drinkers 

On this occasion, let us look at the latest trends in coffee

Year after year, the way coffee is produced and consumed changes. If it was Dalgona Coffee yesterday, it would be something else tomorrow. So, on the occasion of World Coffee Day, we look at the trends that are currently being followed by coffee drinkers across the city.

Blue Tokai Coffee

Matt Chitharanjan, the co-founder and CEO of Blue Tokai, explains that people have now started to prefer high-quality Indian coffee as their go-to beverage. Even though the highest-selling drink still is the Cappuccino, there is a gradual shift to black coffees as more and more coffee lovers understand intricacies like roast profiles, flavour notes, and acidity in coffee. 

Third Wave Coffee

"Coffee drinkers look for experimentation nowadays. They want something that is different from regular coffee. This is why Third Wave Coffee has a list of different types of coffees like Orange Zest Mocha, La Vie En Rose, Vegan Iced Latte and much more," says Sushant Goel, co-founder of Third Wave Coffee.

Araku Coffee 

Aditi Dugar, the chief advisor of ARAKU Retail and Lifestyle says, “The demand for specialty coffee is growing at a quick pace. Consumers are open to trying different flavour profiles and are conscious about their choices. They are demanding traceability from their products, they are not just curious about the product but how it’s made, the journey it’s been on, and how ethical the process is.”

Ground Up Coffee 

Umar Shabbeer, the co-founder of Ground Up Coffee, believes that people now want to know more about coffee instead of just drinking the beverage. They want to know more about the different variants of coffee rather than continuing the same beverage. 

Maverick & Farmer Coffee

Ashish Dabreo, co-founder of Maverick & Farmer Coffee explains that the current trend in coffee can be called the Fourth Wave, where people are not at all afraid of trying new types of coffee but also look forward to them. 

Coffee First

Founder Rahul Bhinaju says, "The hot coffee consumers like sticking to Cappuccinos, Lattes, and Americanos. I have also seen that cold coffee consumers like to experiment their coffee. They try and enjoy the seasonal spins that are given to coffee."

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