ThrivingAt13: We pick out 13 new cafés in Bengaluru 

From artisanal coffee, gourmet bites and Instagram-worthy spots; with a plethora of options, the café scene in Bengaluru is an ever-evolving narrative.
Beanlore cafe
Beanlore cafe

Bengaluru, where the aroma of freshly ground coffee mingles with the city’s entrepreneurial spirit, is home to a café culture as diverse as the city itself. From French viennoiseries to caffeinated concoctions, these cafés redefine the culinary landscape. Imagine a café not only as a place for casual rendezvous but contemporary go-to spots for work meetings and friendly get-togethers. From artisanal coffee, gourmet bites and Instagram-worthy spots; with a plethora of options, the café scene in Bengaluru is an ever-evolving narrative. On our 13th anniversary, we unveil the top 13 new cafés in Bengaluru, that we have tried, tested and fully approve. 

Tim Hortons
In September, the renowned Canadian multinational coffee house and restaurant chain, Tim Hortons, made its debut in the Garden City. Renowned for its Frozen French Vanilla, Piadinas, Pancakes and Flatbreads, this global brand imports frozen doughnuts from Canada, ensuring a fresh preparation at each outlet before expertly glazing them — providing customers with an authentic tasting experience. Tim Hortons not only offers the convenience of takeaway coffee but also aims to become a destination where Bengalureans can stroll in to relish quick bites, breakfast, lunch or the much-loved evening snacks. ₹39 onwards. At Kempegowda International Airport Terminal 2 and 80 Feet Road, Koramangala.

Chef Viraf Patel marked his entry into Bengaluru in June with Soley, a European bistro situated in Street 1522. Drawing inspiration from the architecture of Milan and Rome, this petite establishment showcases a façade adorned in sunny yellow and deep amber hues. What distinguishes this café is its diverse menu, spanning from small plates and bar bites to hearty mains and sandwiches. The offerings range from the delectable Crispy English Batter Fried Fish ’n’ Chips to the enticing Turkish Eggs — Simit, the flavourful Spice Dusted Corn Ribs and a tempting slice of Flourless Chocolate Cake. Meal for two: ₹1,200 onwards. At Sarjapur Road.

The Kind Roastery and Brew Room
This café in South Bengaluru, which made its debut in March, swiftly claimed the title of the city’s preferred café within a few months. It’s a laid-back establishment with its exclusively vegetarian and vegan offerings and has garnered favour for its zen ambience and cosy nooks beneath stairs. Delighting patrons with an array of options, from cold and hot brews with vegan milk alternatives to pizzas, pastas and fresh bakes, this duplex venue boasts unique features like an al fresco seating area, a small book station and private work spaces. Must-tries include the Johny Brownie (cold coffee), Burmese Khao Suey Bowl, Green Raw Mango Iced Tea and the delectable Simple Chocolate Cake. Meal for two: ₹800 onwards. At JP Nagar.

Subko Specialty Coffee Roasters
Earlier this year, the renowned Mumbai brand, Subko, unveiled its debut outlet in the city at Indiranagar. Nestled discreetly within Bombay Shirt Company, their snug nook is an ideal spot for a swift cup of excellent coffee, catering to aficionados of both hot and cold coffee-based beverages. Subko Mini offers coffee creations crafted with premium beans sourced from across the globe. Alongside, relish slices of croissants and toasts complementing your coffee experience, with their artisanal chocolates. Indulge in their signature Cascara Lemonade, Cacao Dark Chocolate Croissant Thins and the enticing Ratnagiri Pour Over. Coffee for two: ₹500 onwards. At Indiranagar.

Over Coffee Café & Wine Bar
Beyond being a coffee haven, this place transcends into a European-style eatery. Picture fresh bakes, 
a selection of fine wine and indoor dining spaces adorned with grey walls embellished by iconic black and white photographs showcasing Hampi, the Dasara Ambari and Mysuru Palace. Indulge in the opulence of Real Hot Chocolate, luxuriously smooth and crowned with vegan marshmallows, alongside the Red Wine Sangria. Relish the exquisite Torta Caprese — a flourless chocolate cake adorned with fresh berries and whipped cream. And for a savoury delight, savour the decadent Butter Croissant and the delectable Red Wine Braised Lamb Shank. Meal for two: ₹1,200. At Lavelle Road.

T’art Boulangerie & Patisserie
This elegant café nestled in the Rex Walk Mall’s inner corner was once a cloud kitchen for two years, which transformed into an ideal setting for coffee rendezvous, productive work sessions or leisurely days out. The ambience exudes an earthly charm with light-grey walls, live plants, the wafting aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the tempting scent of delectable bakes. Notably, T’art boasts an impressive wine collection, elevating your dining experience. Indulge in their revitalising sangrias, alongside French delights like Chocolate Éclairs and Berry Opera, signature Hot Chocolate and Pide-zza. Meal for two: ₹800 onwards. At Brigade Road.

Le Kéne
The newest addition to the town’s café scene is Le Kéne, a Bakery and Coffee shop nestled in the South-Eastern suburbs of the city. Their name marries the French ‘Le,’ meaning ‘the’ with ‘Kéne,’ translating to ‘cream’ in Kannada, an important ingredient used in baked delights. Every aspect of the café, from its name to the meticulously crafted choux pastries (including profiteroles & éclairs), resonates with a passion for perfection. Notable favourites include the indulgent Tres Leches, the decadent eight-layer chocolate cake and the delightful six-layer carrot cake adorned with pistachios. Ganga Avarekad, their pastry chef, envisioned the café’s design to embrace subtle imperfections, reflected in curved walls and fixed seating, eschewing rigid straight lines. Meal for two:₹800 onwards. At HSR Layout.

In July, on the brand’s 11th anniversary, Conçu, the patisserie and café chain, made its debut in Bengaluru, nestled in the heart of Indiranagar. Aptly named after the French word for ‘crafted,’ this café from Hyderabad exudes sophistication and warmth, featuring soft lighting and Scandinavian aesthetics. The salmon-hued façade introduces a contemporary space for simple, delicious and charming fare, catering to every palate with their menu spanning across a variety of eggs and toast for breakfast, hearty wraps for brunch to pizzas, pastas and rice bowls for lunch and dinner. We recommend Salted Caramel Cappuccino, Peach Melba Iced Tea, Edamame Fava Bean & Tomato Brioche French Toast, Vanilla Choux Bun and Hot Chocolate. Meal for two: ₹500 onwards. At Indiranagar.

One Field Farm Kitchen
Nestled in Kothanur, One Field Farm Kitchen, founded by Prem Kurian and his wife Shalina Kurian, 
is where farm-to-table principles converge a profound commitment to community engagement and the support of natural organic farming. The décor mirrors this ethos, featuring natural elements such as a cement-clad floor, verdant plants and wooden tables. The menu boasts homemade sauces, including Ketchup, Mayo, Pesto, Peri Peri and Barbeque, complemented by freshly baked breads. Signature dishes, such as those made with their wholesome 83 percent Wheat Flour and 17 percent Maida bread, Chocolate Yogurt and Double Chocolate Muffin, are some highlights of this café. Meal for two: ₹800 onwards. At Kothanur.

A boutique café and hub nestled amidst Jayanagar’s verdant surroundings, Isobel boasts a cozy, elegant and beautiful atmosphere, characterised by minimalist chic décor — white walls, wooden furniture, green plants and pink flowers. With both indoor and outdoor seating reminiscent of Parisian street cafés, it’s ideal for work or leisure. The diverse menu spans baked treats, continental dishes, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, pasta and a variety of beverages, including the recommended Cappuccino, Passion Fruit Smoothie, Fresh Farm Pizza, Grilled Chicken Salad and Garlic Seasoned Bread. Meal for two:₹700 onwards. At Jayanagar. 

Beanlore Coffee Roasters
Beanlore is a fusion of a café and a workspace, epitomising Bengaluru’s startup and coffee-infused tech ethos. Characterised by black-wooden accents and lush greenery, the venue caters to the modern worker with private meeting pods, wireless chargers on hot desks and a conference room. The barista bar and deli counter showcase a team dedicated to crafting artisanal coffees, including unique offerings like Lotus Latte and Popcorn Latte. Complementing this, the food menu features highlights such as the Smoked Chicken Baguette, Italian Ciabatta and English Breakfast. Meal for two:₹800 onwards. At HSR Layout.

Kana by Coffee Mechanics
In Hennur Gardens, a charming coffee haven has emerged with al fresco seating, breakfast offerings and delectable sandwiches — welcome to Kana by Coffee Mechanics. Nestled amidst lush greenery, the cute outdoor seating comes with a coffee station and even a pizza station complete with a brick oven to set the scene. Ascend the staircase to discover an indoor space, serving dual roles as an event venue and a workspace. Crafted by chef Varun Raj, the menu is a delightful medley featuring small plates, pizzas, sandwiches and burgers. Noteworthy specials include the Millet Jaggery Latte, Potato Rosti, Litchi Coconut Coffee, Cherry Basil Soda and a range of artisanal, freshly-roasted coffee options such as Espresso and Cortado. Meal for two: ₹1,000 onwards. At HBR Layout.

Kaffee Berliner
Chef Ranjitha Yogananda wished to introduce traditional German fried doughnuts, filled with jam or icing, into Bengaluru’s dessert landscape, which sprouted from a modest cloud kitchen that has now evolved into Kaffee Berliner. Whether your penchant leans towards chocolate, vanilla or meat and veggies, this establishment tantalises taste buds with a diverse range of sweet and savoury berliner options. Complementing this indulgence is an exclusive blend of Liberica coffee, hailing originally from Liberia in Africa and now cultivaed in Far East Asian countries. Try Scharfer Paneer Berliner, Popeye’s Picnic Berliner and Rosso Rhapsody. ₹149 onwards. At JP Nagar.

We wrap up the year giving you a list of cafes you can explore, if you already haven't. 

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