Thriving At 13: 13 vegan menus in Bengaluru you must not miss

Whether you are a vegan always on the hunt for your kind of food in Bengaluru or have been considering becoming a convert, here are 13 vegan menus you must try
Image Credits: Pexels
Image Credits: Pexels

For the unversed, veganism is the practice of excluding all forms of exploitation of animals for food. This means you need not only to remove meat but also dairy from your dietary choices. In the last few years, Bengaluru has welcomed the culture of veganism, thanks to the already existing love for vegetarian food in the city.

Whether you are a vegan always on the hunt for your kind of food in Bengaluru or have been considering becoming a convert, here are 13 vegan menus you must try. Going the whole nine yards, we have included six spots that are completely vegan within these recommendations. Bon appetit!

<strong>Sri Lankan Bowl from Copper+Cloves</strong>
Sri Lankan Bowl from Copper+Cloves

Copper + Cloves
Inspired by founder Sarah Nicole Edwards’ travels around the world, this health-focused café features dishes from various cuisines. However, there is always a conscious effort to include as many local and seasonal ingredients as possible. All the dishes are whole-food based and everything is made from scratch — no refined or artificial ingredients are added. The menu includes a range of selections from salads and smoothie bowls to nourishing bowls and desserts. Do not forget to try Asian Peanut Salad (which comes with a maple-ginger dressing), Banana Bread, Peas Mashed and the popular Sri Lankan Bowl.
Meal for two: INR 600 onwards. At Indiranagar.

<strong>Asian Noodle Bowl from Happiness Café</strong>
Asian Noodle Bowl from Happiness Café

Happiness Café
With floor-seating arrangements inside and ample natural light to pour through the windows amidst greenery, this café gives a homely vibe and even comes with a designated area where you can work with your laptops. Apart from a wide range of coffees, this place offers delectable bowls like the Asian Noodle Bowl and Buddha Bowl (millets, veggies, peas and tofu). Do not forget to try out their Hummus sandwich (made with whole wheat bread) and famous Pudu cakes (raw ingredients desserts made with the likes of cashew and coconut cream).
Meal for two: INR 400 onwards. At Koramangala.

<strong>Vegan Vegetable Crepe Rolls from JustBe Café</strong>
Vegan Vegetable Crepe Rolls from JustBe Café

JustBe Café
This café rolled out in 2016, at a time when very few whole-food/plant-based food spots were there in India. However, that did not stop founder Nidhi Nahata from introducing diverse dishes to her menu — Bihari, Moroccan, Rajasthani or South Asian. Interestingly, whether you ask for gluten/grain-free food or Jain-specific dietary choices — the dishes you order can be altered according to your demands. Parathe Wale Gali, Hong Kong House (featuring black rice and norishi), Lasagna (made with veggies only) and Brownie (made with sweet potato and oats), are must-tries. 
Meal for two: INR 650 onwards. At Sadashivanagar.

<strong>Hummus on Toast from Lucky Vegan</strong>
Hummus on Toast from Lucky Vegan

Lucky Vegan
This fully plant-based deli operates as a cloud kitchen and delivers food only on Fridays. All the food is made in small batches and is devoid of preservatives. Most of the dishes offered are from Middle Eastern and Italian cuisine, with a focus on cold food. Being the makers of the first Tofu Cream Cheese in India, Lucky Vegan serves it as one of the most ordered fares from its menu. Other popular dishes include their Muhammara, Hummus and Chilli Garlic Cream Cheese. Diners also love their weekly specials, featuring salads such as Kale Black Eyed Beans Salad and Tabbouleh Salad and desserts such as Panna Cotta and Key Lime Pie.
Meal for two: INR 400 onwards. Available online.

<strong>Spring Roll by The Thai Vegan Kitchen</strong>
Spring Roll by The Thai Vegan Kitchen

The Thai Vegan Kitchen
When we asked founder Nandu Asrani why he specifically chose Thai cuisine for a vegan place, he said, “Because Thai cuisine is the most conducive to vegan food.” And we could not have agreed more. This is because the use of milk, cheese, butter and the like can be very conveniently avoided in vegan food. However, perhaps his fondness for the simple-yet-flavourful nature of the cuisine might also be one reason why he chose it over any other cuisine. Meals here are made to order and the most popular dishes include Vegetable Tempura, Tom Kha Soup, Tom Yum Soup, Peanut Papaya Salad, Glass Noodle Salad and Fresh Rice Paper Spring Roll.
Meal for two: INR 1,000 onwards. At Frazer Town. 

<strong>Millets Mexita from Vegan Vogue</strong>
Millets Mexita from Vegan Vogue

Vegan Vogue
‘Vegan food can be indulgent as well,’ was the thought that founder Naufal had in mind while coming up with the idea of this place which is completely vegan. Since vegan food is mostly associated with just ‘healthy’ (read boring) options, the menu at this restaurant has been made to make it easier for people to stay vegan. With the intent of attracting diners from diverse palates, this restaurant serves a myriad of dishes such as pasta, ramen or sticky rice. The must-try dishes include Sticky Noodles, Beetroot Croissants and Caramel Flan.
Meal for two: INR 800 onwards. At Indiranagar. 

<strong>Choco Truffle Vegan Gateaux from The Digitale Chef</strong>
Choco Truffle Vegan Gateaux from The Digitale Chef

The Digitale Chef
This 100 percent vegan patisserie offers the most delicious coffees and baked goodies. Perhaps not dabbling in multiple cuisines and specialising in one sets their quality apart from the crowd. The food menu includes brownies, cupcakes, muffins, pastry cakes and sandwiches. When it comes to coffee, they only use fresh bean-ground, single-origin and single-state Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold specialty coffee sourced from Mayurasana Estate, Chikkamagaluru. All the coffee and non-coffee variant beverages come with multiple variants of plant-based milk such as soy milk or oat Milk. Do try out their Alphonso Fibrous Cake and Mocha Almond Pound Cake.
Meal for two: INR 700 onwards. At HSR Layout.

<strong>Plant Protein Dumpling by Foo</strong>
Plant Protein Dumpling by Foo

Apart from their regular dishes, this restaurant also offers a vegan menu with wholesome plant-based ingredients. From comforting miso soups to innovative sushi rolls, the menu features a wide range of dishes. Some of the most-ordered dishes include Truffle Togarashi Black Rice Maki (crisp asparagus, creamy avocado and refreshing cucumber, heightened with a drizzle of luxurious truffle oil),  Plant Protein Dumpling (succulent plant protein, crunchy water chestnuts and pak choy in a dumpling, complemented by a flavorful chilli black bean sauce) and Hong Yu Water Chestnut Wonton, Burnt Garlic (steamed wontons filled with water chestnuts, enhanced by chilli oil, aromatic burnt garlic, and coriander).
Meal for two: INR 1,000 onwards. At Brigade Road. 

<strong>Coconut Pudding by Go Native</strong>
Coconut Pudding by Go Native

Go Native
What sets this restaurant apart is the range of categories in which they offer vegan options. Case in point: dishes like Pumpkin and Coconut Soup, Lemon and Basil Soup, Bajji Margherita Pizza and vegan drinks such as Vegan Cold Coffee and Vegan Hot Chocolate. Diner favourites include Neer Spinach Dosa and Sabudana Tikki Chaat. Vegan ice creams are also available.
Meal for two: INR 700 onwards. At Jayanagar. 

<strong>Whole wheat Spaghetti Served with Homemade Tomato Ragout</strong>
Whole wheat Spaghetti Served with Homemade Tomato Ragout

Green Theory
This vegetarian restaurant does not have a dedicated vegan menu but can turn most of the vegetarian dishes on the menu to vegan as per request! For example, they can tailor their classic Beans and Cottage Cheese Burger to a vegan Beans and Tofu Burger. Similarly, flatbreads, pasta, pizzas (farmhouse and Margherita) and Veg Cheese Burger can be made with plant-based cheese. Although they do not have vegan desserts, you can pair your food with drinks like Banana Nutella Milkshake and Berry Vanilla Smoothie. Don’t forget to try their vegan Thai Curry, Khao Suey, Chilli Tofu and Tofu Satay.
Meal for two: INR 1,200 onwards. At Richmond Town. 

<strong>Tofu Siu Mai from Santé Spa Cuisine</strong>
Tofu Siu Mai from Santé Spa Cuisine

Santé Spa Cuisine
This is one place that is not entirely vegan, yet you can enjoy a five-course vegan meal. The a la carte vegan menu offers food from soups and dumplings to pastas and pizzas. Popular dishes include Beetroot Spinach Hummus, Crunchy Chlorophyll Dim Sum Curry, Ragi Broccoli Pizza, Roasted Sweet Potato Tikki Chaat and Salted Caramel Mudcake.
Meal for two: INR 1,800 onwards. At Indiranagar. 

<strong>Mango Avocado Tacos from Thyme & Whisk</strong>
Mango Avocado Tacos from Thyme & Whisk

Thyme & Whisk
Although this vegetarian place has no specific vegan menu, almost half the dishes are vegan by default. The menu includes soups like Thai Coriander Soup, appetisers like Corn Chaat, platters like Arabic Crispy Pita Platter, and mains such as tandoors, fries, sandwiches, wraps and even Asian fare. The most-ordered dishes are Tofu Biryani, Tofu Chaat Salad and Tofu Tikka. 
Meal for two: `INR 600 onwards. At Jayanagar. 

<strong>Magherita Sourdough Pizza from The Caffeine Bar Cafe & Roastery</strong>
Magherita Sourdough Pizza from The Caffeine Bar Cafe & Roastery

The Caffeine Bar Café & Roastery
An enterprise of Barbara Estate, this specialty coffee shop offers vegan options in both food and drinks. What sets them apart is that unlike most coffee places with vegan options which use soy milk and almond milk, this place offers coconut and almond milk as well. Apart from the classic coffee-based drinks such as cappuccino and latte which can be veganised, they also have in-house specials like the mulled coffee and pour-over coffees. The diner-favourite drinks include Red Velvet Mocha and Rosemary Mocha. In food, the most popular options are Vegan Protein Bowl (bean and walnut patty with a side of grilled veggies, peas smashed, sautéed mushrooms and vegan coleslaw) and Vegan English Breakfast Platter (tofu scramble, sautéed mushrooms, lemon spinach, hash brown, grilled tomato, baked beans and a slice of sourdough). End your meal on a sweet note with Vegan Cookies, made with almond flour and dark chocolate. 
Meal for two: INR 700 onwards. At Jayanagar.

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