Mountain Calling: Hyatt Centric rolls out special brunch menu dedicated to Coorg cuisines

We recommend Pandi Curry, Koli Curry and Baimbale Curry
Hyatt Centric rolls out special brunch menu
Hyatt Centric rolls out special brunch menu

Chef Gaurav Ramakrishnan introduced a special Coorg cuisine brunch at The Bengaluru Brasseri recently. The special brunch includes dishes like Pandi Curry, Kadambuttu, Kummu Curry, Akki Roti, and more. We started off our brunch with Murgh Lasooni Tikka and Indonesian Grilled Fish. The former is a delicacy marinated in yoghurt and a few seasonings while the latter was flavourful and a bit on the spicier side. 

We then decided to check out their special brunch dishes. We started off with boiled rice and Pandi Curry. Boiled rice with pandi curry is like a staple diet in the Coorg region. The pandi curry was made using chilli powder, green chillies, masalas, and Kachumpuli (a dark-coloured vinegar). The delicacy was flavourful and complemented the rice very well. 


We went for another round of boiled rice, but this time along with the Koli Curry. This Coorgi-style chicken curry was cooked with grated coconut, tamarind paste, green chillies, and red chilli powder. The dish was more on the spicier side but we loved having it with the steamed rice. 

Next, we tried the Akki Roti with Baimbale Curry. The curry was made with bamboo shoots along with cumin and mustard. The base of the curry was cooked using coconut paste. The dish was delicious and left us craving more. 

Koli Curry
Koli Curry

Our brunch came to a close with a couple of desserts – Thambuttu and Kaavale Puttu. The former was made with mashed banana pulp and roasted broken rice along with grated coconut while the latter had ripe jackfruit pulp, ghee and cardamom. This dessert was steamed and served in banana leaves. 

If you are looking for a place to try out special Coorg delicacies, the special brunch at The Bengaluru Brasseri is one you should definitely look at. 

₹1,799++ for two. At Hyatt Centric, MG Road 

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