The revamped version of the popular Downtown pub now boasts an American diner

The pub not only came back with a new look but also introduced an American diner called Downtown Diner right above their current location.

Srushti Kulkarni Published :  24th February 2023 01:41 AM   |   Published :   |  24th February 2023 01:41 AM

Jalapeno cheese balls

Located in the heart of Bengaluru, Downtown has been a popular pub for locals and tourists who fancy beers and good vibes, ever since it opened in 1992. The city’s regular crowd was disappointed when the place closed its doors a few months ago but when the popular spot relaunched as Downtown Pub Taproom last weekend, they unveiled something unexpected. The pub not only came back with
a new look but also introduced an American diner called Downtown Diner right above their current

Set on the first level of the complex, the 150-seater alfresco diner sporting bright red and indigo seats, neon signs; a long sit-down counter with direct service and a casual atmosphere capture the retro aesthetics. The blackboard behind the counter featured staples of American cuisine such as pizzas, hamburgers, French fries, hotdogs and other inexpensive comfort food fares, such as sandwiches
and pasta. The vibrant menu also offers an array of coffees, milkshakes, desserts and ice cream.

Carambol Sour

Even though it was a Monday after noon, the newly-opened diner was already abuzz with customers. Influenced by the crowd, we decided to grab a quick bite at the diner before descending downstairs and exploring the revamped pub, so we chose a cosy booth and settled in. A glass of Hot Chocolate and a cup of Coffee Berry Circle (a concoction made with cold brew coffee, mixed berries and rosemary) kept us company while we admired the vertical garden encircling the exteriors of the diner.

Soon, a plate of Peri Peri Wings and Down Town Hamburger with fries and mayonnaise made their
way to our table. We couldn’t have thought of a better way to start the lunch than these crispy and
juicy chicken wings marinade in sweet and spicy peri-peri sauce. The Hamburger layered with let-
tuce, veggies, beef meat, fried egg, bacon and slices of pickle was a flavour bomb, to say the least.
Next, we sampled the Mushroom Corn Pizza topped with mozzarella and basil. This one was exactly what it sounded like – delicious and wholesome. 

Potato Skin with corn and cheese

After spending some time upstairs, we found ourselves making our way to the pub which boasts a mini stone wall fountain at the entrance. Beyond the doors were sage green walls decorated with paintings of Yorkshire, London, the Queen’s Guards and more on wooden bars that made a case for the British pub culture. The Taproom now also offers an outdoor seating area lined with plants while the indoors flaunt a
beautiful rustic bar. Choosing to go with the chef's recommendation, we opted to taste a couple of cocktails, Breakfast Martini (a classic potion concocted with gin, marmalade, orange liqueur and lemon juice) and Carambol Sour (a drink flavoured with star fruit and black salt) along with a few signature dishes from their new menu. Of these, our favourite was the Carambol Sour thanks to its Indian flavours reminiscent of aam panna.

We were then presented with two starters, Bullet Chicken and Potato Skin with corn and cheese. The former is a bite-sized snack where small pieces of the boneless chicken marinade with spices are fried
before they are tossed with bullet chillies, chopped garlic, cashews and more. The latter is a dish made
with bowl-shaped potato skins filled with a sinful amalgam of corn and cheese. The first dish gave just the right amount of spicy after notes while the second is sure to be a favourite with everyone.

A section of the restaurant

For the next round of plates, we were served a healthy combination of Bitter Gourd Chips and Apple Feta Salad. The chips are a no-brainer and were on point as these crispy treats are usually known for their bitter-free taste. On the other hand, the salad featuring slices of green apples tossed with mixed
leaves and feta and olive oil was a rewarding choice.

The elaborate meal concluded with a decadent dessert titled New York to Mysore, a Mysore pak flavoured cheesecake plated alongside berry compôte. With delicious comfort food, pub culture and signature cocktails, Downtown is worth a visit.

₹1,200 for two. At Residency Road.