Savour delicacies from across 21 nations at Vyana Flavours of Nature in JP Nagar

With signature dishes from across 21 nations but also serves a laid-back lounge to those who seek a sense of calm amidst the city’s chaos
Vyana's lounge
Vyana's lounge

It was a sunny Thursday afternoon when we found ourselves at Vyana Flavours of Nature, a week-old 
restaurant perched on the fourth floor of Sai Bhavana. Upon entering, a cool breeze brushed past us and that's when we noticed something striking.The new place boasting a chic balcony and white brick walls with arch-shaped cavities in between do not feature a single window or a fan. Nor does it have any kind of air conditioning.

According to the founders, Vyana was inspired by the Japanese philosophy of ‘wabi sabi’, which stands for appreciating the beauty of imperfect, impermanent and incomplete features of nature. The space has been designed with cross ventilation in order to offer a food theatre that not only plates signature dishes from across 21 nations but also serves a laid-back lounge to those who seek a sense of calm amidst the city’s chaos.

After learning the concept behind the restaurant, we ascended the staircase, which was covered in quirky illustrations like an astronaut delivering food on a scooter. The rooftop section encircled by a city view on one side and lush trees on the other is decorated with metal dining sets, plants and hanging string bulbs. 

Oriental Vegetable and Tofu Broth
Oriental Vegetable and Tofu Broth

Bottoms up
Once we settled down in one of the cosy booths downstairs, our eyes were immediately drawn to the beautiful ribbed sofas in the shade of light green, the cane weaves covering the pillars and a wall boasting banana leaves made from concrete art. Soon, a basket of breadsticks and a tray carrying six shots arrived at our table. Our interests piqued when we learnt that they were mocktail sample shots for us to taste and choose from. Out of the lot, we opted for the dragon-fruit based Buddy Mary and Naughty Elf concocted from sugarcane juice.

Just as we downed our preferred glasses of refreshing mocktails, a bowl of Oriental Vegetable and Tofu Broth and Spiced Chicken Lentils accompanied by garlic bread made their way to our table. The former is a thin, clear lemon coriander garlic soup while the latter is a unique lentil-based soup that is flavoured with boneless pieces of smoky, spiced chicken. Both of which we quite liked.

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings

Knives out
For starters, two-chicken based dishes served on skewers were presented to us. We tried the Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings first and it was a classic dish served alongside sour cream and bhutta, only this was made with an intact chicken wing. Next, we tucked into the Teriyaki Kikkoman Skewers where teriyaki and soy marinade chicken is grilled before they are served hot. The combination of sweet and spicy notes is what we admired about this Asian delicacy.

We follow these up with the Egyptian Pan Seared Fish Fillet, a portion of tender basa fish cooked with sesame, nuts and spices is placed on a bed of tomato rice pilaf, tossed greens and a creamy coconut lemon curry sauce. Each element on the plate was equally palatable and paired well with each other.

We concluded the meal with a couple of sweet treats, Ricotta Brownie Cheesecake (a dessert where ricotta cheesecake is layered over a chocolate brownie and is plated with vanilla ice cream) and Vyana Signature Drunken Pears (wine-soaked poached pears sliced and centred with ice cream). After taking a bite of both, we gave up on which one is the winner and instead chose to savour the decadent dishes along with the cool breeze and a stunning view of the sun disappearing into the horizon. 

₹2,000 for two, approximately. At JP Nagar.

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