This brunch stays true to its hype as we discover through its myriad offerings!

Taste delicious dishes from Latin and South America at the Sunday Brunch — Sundrunch: Carnaval de Sabores, at Byg Brewski Brewing Company, Hennur
Sundrunch: Carnaval de Sabores
Sundrunch: Carnaval de Sabores

What hits you first as you walk into Byg Brewski Brewing Company is the sheer size of this restaurant. Spread over several levels and floors, the brewery, however, is now more popular for its food, and for good reason too. We heard that their much-loved Sunday Brunch — Sundrunch: Carnaval de Sabores, a South (and Latin) American-themed extravaganza was finally on so we decided to sneak in unannounced and check out their offerings.  

Spanish Omelette
Spanish Omelette

From refreshing horchatas and aromatic paellas to soft tacos and sizzling grills, the spread is fantastic. It isn’t too big, so you aren’t left with FOMO, but it has enough options to keep your palette excited throughout the meal.

<em>Horchata </em>Station
Horchata Station

“At Byg Brewski Brewing Company, we view Sundrunch: Carnaval de Sabores as more than a meal; it celebrates flavors and traditions amongst friends. Our guests missed our delectable brunches, so we are bringing them back with great pomp and show! Our team is prepared to create an incredible experience of Latin American cuisine, and we are sure our patrons will reverberate this excitement,” says chef Sandeep Sadanandan, head of culinary, Byg Ventures.


We began our tasting with the salad options, which in themselves were quite a few. We could have honestly made a meal out of it. What really stood out was the sheer diversity, as we found salads and appetizers from all across Latin America. From fresh vegetarian offerings to regional favorites, the choice was pretty exhaustive. We then switched our attention to the Spanish Omelette station, and the fillings left us quite amazed. From delicious spiced meats to fresh exotic vegetables, the DIY station was quite a treat!

Bread Station
Bread Station

We then indulged in several glasses of horchata as the Sunday afternoon heat was slowly getting to us, but quickly revived after several fruity cocktails made it to our table. Skipping the main course almost completely we decided to stuff ourselves silly with paella, soft tacos, and the choicest of grills. This was a great decision, we assure you, and we spent the rest of the afternoon discovering what lazy brunching was really all about.

INR 1,250 onwards/person. 12.30 pm to 4 pm. Only on Sunday. At Hennur.

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